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Friday, September 24, 2010

Brainstorm- Nutrition

Eating well= feelings good and as stated in previous postings...I miss that feeling .

So, today I was thinking of what my diet usually consists of when Im treating myself well and walking the healthy route. And here are some of the items/foods I can recall:

Breakfast Items

1. Kashi oatmeal made w/ organic milk w/ added raisins and grounded cinnamon

2. Organic skim milk

3. Greek yogurt w/ granola & fruit on top (or plain)

4. Regular flavored yogurt (I like weight watchers)

5. Fruit salad (preferably in the mornings made with fruit bought @ my local farmers market or just in season fruit for supermarket)

6. Boiled eggs with a little bit of salt

7. Black coffee with organic skim milk (no sugar)

8. Green tea (on my way to work or on a Saturday morning while reading magazines)

9. Multigrain bagel from starbucks w/ low fat cream cheese

10. Kashi cold cereal with skim milk

11. Raisin bran cereal with skim milk

12. Turkey sausage/egg sandwich on flat bread from dunkin donuts

13. Kashi granola bars (almond flax, trail mix)

14. Breakfast from Ihop (the healthy menu)

15. Eggs Benedict (no bacon)


16. 100 calorie snacks

17. Gala Apples fresh from the farmers market

18. Fresh and sweet strawberries, grapes, melon


19. 100% whole wheat bread

20. Turkey meat from supermarket

21. Green Romaine lettuce with olive oil, vinegar and a little salt

22. Whole wheat pasta with organic tomato sauce + grilled shrimp (yum)

23. Multigrain chips/pop chips

24. Whole wheat rolls from supermarket

25. Whole wheat tortillas filled with grilled & green goodness 


26. Herbal tea before bed

27. Steamed broccoli, carrots & cauliflower as a side to a balanced dinner

28. Grilled chicken

29. Grilled salmon with a nice green salad on the side (or vegetables)

30. Chopped salad w/ grilled chicken

QUESTION: What would you add to any category in this list that can help me make better food choices each day?

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