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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can Barely Breathe!

Went to Moe's (Mexican Restaurant) today for lunch with a co-worker---bad idea! Not the co-worker part but the part where I ordered a junior Vegetarian Burrito (not pictured because I was too intrigued in conversation that I forgot to take a photo). But anyways, I also had some of those tortilla chips they offer with the meal. Although the burrito was medium size (not a huge one) and I ate in considerable moderation, I have been feeling like I ate a 5 course meal plus dessert since after lunch. I’m still full this minute and is about 3-4 hours later!! My productivity went downhill and I haven’t done much since I got back from lunch (embarrassed to say). I feel like just going home and taking a nap but today is gym day and I must make it to the gym...But more Moe's for a while! Phew!!!!

I also drank about 3/4 of this cool drink with my meal (maybe this is what filled me up so much!?!):

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