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Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to Basics

Soo the hectic-ness of the Christmas days are over. I have to admit I do enjoy the family time, the delicious food/desserts and the endless Christmas movies marathons on the Lifetime channel (don’t judge me!). However, I have to say that is time to get back to “basics”. At least until the New Years Eve festivities come along this coming Friday.

I have to admit that as hard as I tried I couldn’t resist indulging my sweet tooth in delicious Christmas desserts including chocolates and pastries. However, I am proud to say that I didn’t really go overboard and I didn’t reach the “bingeing” stage. I have to say something that helped me a WHOLE lot with not loosing [complete] control was my faithful food diary. I have made it mandatory to write down everything I put in to my mouth for the past few month and that feeling of accountability has kept me from going overboard in several occasions. Thank god for food diaries!

So, today is back to basics. I wanted to go to the gym this morning but as many of you know, I live in downstate New York and we are pretty much buried in massive amounts of snow. My car is parked at my dad’s job in queens while my mom’s car is at a parking facility near my house (we've been too lazy and scared of the snow to go get it). No easily available car has made it nearly impossible to drive to the gym. However, tomorrow will be another day and I will make it happen.

Breakfast this morning:

2 boiled eggs, my new favorite cinnamon raisin flat bagel w/ reduced fat cream cheese and sliced orange. I also had a cup of dandelion tea to help with digestion (not pictured).

Grilled chicken, 1/2 cup spanish rice, steamed vegetables---I was REALLY missing my vegetables and having a healthy balanced meal (as weird as that might sound).

I got the Wii Fit Plus game for my sister this Christmas so, we’ve been playing it on and off since Christmas day. I feel the game’s intensity is too low for my personal taste. However, it’s kept my butt off the couch and my hands off the chocolates so, I’m learning to love the game very much!!! hehe. I didnt get much for Christimas aside from a couple of nice shirts and a sweater from my extended family members. My parents stopped buying me presents the year after college graduation when they realized I had a job and I could buy my own things (sad story). I keep hoping maybe one year they'll surprise me with something...:D

How many inches of snow did your city get? (if any?)—I think we got like 10 or more!!!


  1. The writing down before eating is definitely a good tool!

  2. Oops- meant to say that we didn't get any snow! Only a few inches. hehe.

  3. Lucky you with so little snow! This massive storm has messed up a few plans. But I know tomorrow is another day :)


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