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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Cool Mini-Pan ;)

So, first of all-- I'm finally FREE! The 3rd semester of my part-time MBA pursuit has come to an end. Alleluyah! Although this semester was not as tough as the very first one(remember my statistics days?!)--I was still super stressed and it did bring on a few too many headaches. My face also managed to break out in an insane way and like never before (afraid to show pics right now...ha ha...!!!).

But the point is...IT IS all getting better, all returning to normal slowly but surely and the classes are OVER for now...So happy for that. I also should be getting my grades sometime this week. So, looking forward to that so I can wrap up the year in a good note.

OK so...the actual point of this posting is to introduce a pretty cool item I found yesterday while browsing through TJMaxx (Love that store..specially the sections in the back where they sell cool/fancy food items and gadgets at a discount).

So here it is:

It is non-stick and only $5.99 :) all smiles. So u know I had to grab that.
...So, nonetheless this morning I woke up with eggs on my mind of course:

Proceeded to introduce my cute little egg to a toasted 100% whole wheat english muffin:

And you KNOW I had to add some cheese (approx less than 1/4 cup of 2% mozarella):

Completed it all with some of my very own Cafe con Leche (regular cofee w/ 1% organic skim milk- no sugar):

SIDE NOTE: I did wonder for a second why the egg looks so upset. Any guesses?

Well, Happy Sunday! =) Since studying for finals on tues, wednesday, thursday I kinda have neglected my work out schedule. So, time to get on that. Might do some weight training today. I also have xmass shopping to do (yes still!) but that's a whole 'nother story...ahhh...

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?


  1. Love the pan! Mine has got to be my food processor...kinda boring.

  2. Not boring at all--been thinking about getting a food processor myself ;)


Thank you for your comment :)