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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Expensive Eyebrows :)

So today has been kind of a drag. I woke up this morning with every intention of going to the gym but my dad decided to mess up my plans first thing in the morning!! So here is the thing---My father is an income tax consultant with his own business during the tax season which starts *very soon*. He mails his clients reminders the first of every year and he needed help putting the things together. I don’t want to get in to it but the work is very annoying and tedious. I love my dad so I guess I cant be too upset about it…but I still am.

I still want to go to the gym but is like 7pm down here--kinda late. I did some strength training earlier (abs and arms) to keep the momentum going. However, I need cardio!!!

Anyways, yesterday was much better than today so let me share that with you instead =)

I woke up early enough (8:30-ish) had the same breakfast I've been having this whole week (cinnamon raisin flat bread w/ organic PB&J plus café with organic 1% milk--no sugar). No picture because ya'll know what it looks like (see previous post). So, after 30 mins of stalling to digest my food I then drove to the gym and did some cardio for about 60 minutes:

*Note: The photo was taken with my blackberry. I was a little embarrassed and hoping no one was watching me taking random pics of the treadmill. Must look kinda…

Post gym I rushed home to have a quick lunch:

Turkey & cheese sandwich on 100% organic whole wheat bread + some platains chips.

After lunch I took the train towards my 12:30 pm appointment towards downtown Manhattan to get my eyebrows done at the fanciest eyebrow place I've ever been to:

The lady did a great job making sure she "shaped" my eyebrows to the right shape for my face. However, Im not sure it was worth the amount of money I paid. I think I will stick to my $8 threading at my local spot by my apartment from now own. But at least now I can say I've experience a pricey eyebrow job. I guess Im worth it ;)--But never again! hehe

So, after that "luxurious experience" I pretty much walked around 42nd street window shopping/people watching and almost got run over by several crazy people. There must have been about a *billion* tourist walking around. It was insane! Midtown Manhattan is crazy on a regular day. You can imagine how chaotic it is this time of the year!!! In my walking around I ended up in 34th street and passed by Macy*s. They had a very nice christmas display going on:
They had like 10 different displays going on with different "christmas stories" being told by the little guys above. I would have taken more photos but I got sick of the people around me. It was too crowded.

I took the opportunity I was going downtown to return a jacket I had bought at H&M the other day because I realized it was more of a spring jacket and I wouldn’t be able to wear it during the winter. It was sooo cute though =(.

Once I got home that evening I had to reach for the most convenient/quick dinner because I was starving! I found some chicken, lettuce and tortillas around my kitchen--so that's what I ate. I also steamed some broccoli as side dish. Im a little upset because I had a very pretty photo of my entire meal but somehow it didn’t save or something :(. So, the only photo of dinner that save was this (sorry):

Post dinner I *relaxed* with a cup of tea:

PLUS some mind numbing television. One of my top priorities for 2011 will be: *Less TV MORE READING*. I still have to think about a few other goals.

Oh, almost, this is me with my eyebrow job done. Is not out of this world I know but you can see the shape at least:


...I'll probably spend the rest of the evening helping my dad (blah). But tomorrow I will be an early bird at the gym and then I will proceed to enjoy my favorite day of the year---New years eve day!!!! :) (love it).

Question: Have you ever treated yourself to a "luxurious" girl day and realized you spent too much? =)


  1. My dad is an accountant as well! He definitely gets busy starting around this time, and it lasts through April. He's one of the most organized people I know and he is super efficient with his time, he's never asked me for help, thank goodness. He's been doing it for years, working out of the basement, he loves it.

    Speaking of love, I LOVE plantain chips!! And, yes, I've had a day when I've spoiled myself and spent way too much. It's healthy to do that every once in a while!

  2. Can I tell you that I have never done my eyebrows!

    I occasionally will regret spending too much money on myself,but not so often. I'm worth it!

    Happy New Year!


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