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Friday, December 24, 2010

I am free for a whole 11 days!!!

Hello my dear bloggers/readers,

So, about a month ago I discovered that I had tons of days left over at my job which I HAD to use before end of year 2010--otherwise I would loose them. So, besides taking a few days here and there for finals, etc I still ended up with 11 days. What does this mean? I dont have to go back to work until 01/03/2011 which I very excited about. As "odd" as it might sound---I want to make these days as productive and worthwhile as possible (IE: Do things I always wanted to do but never could because of the lack of time).
I have some things in mind. I'll post the list soon.

My 11 day vacation began yesterday 12/23. So, I did something I've never done since college: I hit my local gym (NYSC) at 10:00 AM!!! I was new to that NYSC branch in my neighborhood (I usually go to the one around my job). Initially, I thought people seemed snobbish there because is a brand new/state of the art branch... but I got over it. Got my workout in for about 50+ (30 something mins running in treadmill and about 20 mins elliptical)  and then I went to get a manicure and finally passed by the supermarket. I felt like a rich housewife ;)

I did all that with my gym clothes still on (yeah I know...yuck!). But anyways, after that I came home, took a shower and headed to the beauty salon to get my hair done for a hot night with the girls from work last evening at a restaurant around Midtown NYC: Johnny Utah's---They had great food and also a mechanic bull which I didn't get on because of the humiliation factor!!! But I did enjoy watching people having a pretty good time on it....hahaha (no photos because I forgot my camera at home since I was rushing to catch the train. But my friend took pictures so, I'll ask her to fwd them to me so I can share ;).

For dinner, I had a southwestern chicken salad called "Chicken on a leash". I thought that was a weird name but I couldnt really find anything healthy on the menu and it was one of those nights I wanted to eat light. I also had a Margarita and a glass of chardonnay. I still have some shopping left to do. I shall return. Happy Christmas eve everyone!!!

If you celebrate the holiday....what are you hoping to get for Christmas?



  1. 11 days off - that is awesome!

    Chicken on a leash? That is a weird name LOL!

    I don't know what to expect for Christmas. I just asked for a GC to one of my favorite garden shops. So I do hope I get that at least :D

  2. I'm jealous!! But, you deserve it :) Enjoy your long break, and I hope you had a great Christmas!


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