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Monday, December 27, 2010

I miss the Gym!!!

I have to admit I miss sweating and puffing at the gym while reading my favorite magazines, listening to great music and ignoring the rest of the world for about an hour. Can’t wait to go back (who is this person??? I feel like someone took over my body).

So about 3-4 hours post lunch I still wasn’t very hungry (I guess the balanced meal really hit the spot?). Nonetheless, I knew I had to eat something to round off my day. Otherwise I would be preparing myself for a binge (as the quote says…”Know Thy self”).

So I decided to have some yogurt mixed with granola and raisins plus some green tea (tea not pictured):

Would like to note that post lunch this afternoon I had two mini 72% dark chocolate squares while watching TV. When I started craving a third one I turned off my TV and ran for the hills! Something Ive learned is that when Im sitting on my couch doing nothing and just browsing through channels of bad TV, I tend to crave everything under the sun and if I don’t get up and go do something with myself I end up giving in to my binges.

So, I decided to tackle one of the items on my to do list for the week and started doing some organizing/packing in my room. I listened to some good music and sipped water during the activity and my cravings went away! Whats even better---I felt VERY proud of myself for being able to replace my craving with a productive activity and here I am a few hours later feeling very good about myself.

Try It: Next time you feel a craving coming think about what you are doing right that second. If its the TV turn it off or just occupy your hands with something you might have been putting off--the distraction can help steer off the craving. You'll be killing two birds with one stone.

Now im finally relaxing….feeling grateful for today =)

QUESTION: Which activity(s) usually trigger a craving for you? Whats your best personal strategy for steering off cravings?


  1. I miss the gym, too! I have access to one at school, but not really at home.

  2. You should use the one at school if its free!! I pay wayyy too much for my membership. I think Im joining a different gym for the new year.


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