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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The List :)

My list of activities to complete during my week off (in no particular order).

*From the coolest/fanciest activities I've day-dreamed of doing for years to the most basic--all of which have been postponed for literally years due to lack of time.
_Go to my local library, pay off my fines (yeah I don’t even know how much I owe!) and rejoin the cool public library community of NYC.

_Go to a spa with my sister and get a relaxing back massage and maybe* a facial

_Visit eyebrow place in Soho (InStyle magazine says I can get a custom eyebrow job plus temple massage for $15. Let's see how true this is).

_Upgrade/update the blog (add photos & work on my tabs)

_Go to the gym at least 3 times this week (the nice custom made one by my house :D)

_Go Ice Skating

_Work on my dream board ;)

_Start Packing!!!

_Visit my nearest Trader Joes for the first time

I'll update everyone on my completion of these activities as I go. I might add more but that's enough for now. I have a week left and I feel like I have a whole month. Gotta take advantage of all the free time. Thank god for that!!! =)

What would you do if you had a whole week off from work? (as u can see above, I dont know what to do with myself :)

Maybe next year I'll take a random plane to Paris instead ;)

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