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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made It!!!

Yes. I made it to the gym this morning (or should I say yesterday morning?).

I know this is a late post but I had quite an eventful day out of the house.
Managed to wake up early this morning despite going to bed at nearly 2 am watching “Must Love Dogs” (good movie). For breakfast I had cinnamon raisin flat bread w/ organic PB&J plus a cup of coffee with about ½ cup of 1% organic skim milk:
I "stalled" for about 20 mins around my apt post breakfast so my food could digest and then Im happy to say I hit the gym!!!! I worked out for a total of 55 mins (40 mins on the treadmill—combination of running & walking) and 15 mins in the elliptical.

Post gym I rushed home, took a shower and waited for my mom whom came to pick me up to go shopping :D!!! My family (extended family included) does Secret Santa on New Year’s eve. Is a family tradition. We pick the names out a hat (literally) on Christmas day. So, my mom and I went to do some shopping. I picked up something really nice for my Secret Santa @ Macy’s and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing a whole lot of additional shopping…for myself. Merry Belated Christmas to me!!!!

After about 5 hours of mall QT I was starving! So, on the drive back from the mall I had a Gala apple plus a granola/raisin/almond mix I had made at home before going out. I knew I would be hungry eventually and it pays to be prepared ;). Once back at my apartment I was really hungry and the most convenient thing was to make the same thing as yesterday (I know, boring but hit the spot):

About an hour post dinner I was hungry again which I found kind of odd. So, I had a small fruit salad (2 small tangerines + 1/2 apple) plus some peppermint tea:

 An hour later my hunger pangs started again (weird) so I had a cup of yogurt with almond and some granola w/ raisins stirred in.

And this was my day in a nutshell. I also did some additional room organizing/packing while watching one of my favorite shows---What Not to Wear.

Im REALLY loving every second of my days off. Feeling great ;). I plan to hit the gym again tomorrow.

QUESTION: Does your family have any new years eve traditions?


  1. First of all THANK YOU for all your wonderful comments on Skinny Me!! I appreciate them so much. I especially loved todays comment about when a craving hits get up and do something. You are so right...I just need to do that!! I am cleaning house today and wouldn't you know it...doing so well then I ate 4 mini chocolate bars and 2 wheat crackers with cheese. BLAH!

    I am gonna put your blog on my blogroll so I have it!!!

    Have a wonderful New Year. Our tradition is playing games with our kids. They are now 16 and 13!!:)


  2. Hi Leslie!!! No problem. :) Thank you for passing by my blog and adding me to your blogroll. Is greatly appreciated. It's a great feeling to know I have an audience :)


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