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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day had to come sooner or later

*This post was supposed to go on last night but I was having some technical issues.

So yesterday was my first day at work after 11 days off!!! I managed to make it there earlier than my usual time. Not quite sure why or how that happened. Nonetheless, the day was pretty productive which was quite a surprise. I got a lot done and organized myself slightly for the week. I still have a whole lot of catching up to do but everything will be done in due time.

So, yesterday morning while driving to work I had some pre-made fruit salad involving an orange and some melon slices plus some dandelion tea (big fan of this tea after I read somewhere it helps prevent bloating and is good for liver function! I think my liver is fine but why not?!). Once I got to work I ate my PB&J sandwich on a whole wheat roll, also pre-made, which I enjoyed with a cup of coffee with skim milk---did it all while catching up on email and new work projects.

At around 12:00pm I got hungry again but couldn’t go out for lunch just yet so I had some yogurt:

For lunch I had a turkey and provolone cheese sandwich on a whole wheat roll plus some interesting chips I found at my office building convenience store:

Once I got to my apartment last evening I was starved (long day) so I heated up some dinner:

Above: Steamed broccoli, grilled chicken, uncle benz rice w/ pingeon beans which my mom dropped off when she came to visit me on sunday :D (Pingeon beans are called "gandules" in spanish).

Post dinner I was finally able to relax and watched “The Craigslist Killer” on the lifetime channel. Great movie! (and scary!). Definitely recommend watching it.

So mondays are supposed to be my strength training day but after the movie I had to do some paperwork and by the time I was done it was past 12am! Need to get back on my weights plan asap.

On a final note---I miss the fun of the holidays already! I guess I’m just gonna have to make sure this year is filled with good times until the next holidays come around :D

Question: How are you feeling now that the holiday season is over? Are you back to your usual routine?


  1. I'm not quite back to my usual routine yet, since I'm still at home and school hasn't started yet. Soon, though!

  2. I'm glad you had a productive day back to work! I don't think I will ever get 11 days off for the holidays again in my life....I'm jealous.

    I would like to watch the special on the Craigslist Killer. Nick and I love to watch shows like that (Dateline and 20/20 and Primetime murder mysteries are our favorite!!).

  3. The movie is GREAT!!! Its pretty scary but I think Lifetime did a great job with the production. I definitely recommend seeing it. Im also a big fan of those 20/20 murder specials. They intrigue me.


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