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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fasting---Not my thing...

So today I had a Doctors appointment at 2:30pm. The doctor called me on Friday to remind me of the appointment and that Im not supposed to eat anything until after my visit...ummmm what?!

So I woke up this morning and completely forgot about my doctor's fasting recommendations and so once I got to work at around 8:30 am I ate my usual breakfast consisting of organic PB&J on a whole wheat roll plus two cups of tea. I went about my day and around 12pm I began to starve! so I walked to the cafeteria to get my lunch when I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be fasting. I was hungry and I mean H.U.N.G.R.Y to the point that my stomach was screaming and I couldn’t concentrate to do any work. I put the sandwich down- unbitten and proceeded to conduct a Google search as of why doctors recommend fasting before a physical. My research concluded that its because of the bloodwork people have done during physicals. Not eating anything before the bloodwork kinda gurantees there are no bias in the ultimate results.

So, with all of the will power in the world I somehow managed not to eat anything until after my appointment. Lesson learned? Fasting is not for me. I enjoy food and I enjoy eating a meal at least 3 times per day plus snacks.

The fasting has reminded me once again of how blessed I am to be able to eat when im hungry. God is good. I know many religions fast as part of their rituals and I have so much respect to those people who manage not to eat for days! I don’t know how they do it!!!

In other news….I have some great stuff to share about my weight loss efforts and how my actions in the past few months have paid off—more on that on a post coming soon :D

Question: What are your thoughts on fasting?


  1. Fasting is hard. I am LDS and each month we are to fast for 24 hours then take the money we would have spent and give it to the Church to use for the poor. I usually end up not eating till 2pm that day...but then my head hurts and I am spinning around delirious! I admire people that can do this!!

    Can't wait to hear about your weight loss!!

  2. Oh wow! I dont know how you do it! Even if its not the full 24 hrs I just think fasting is extremelly challenging no matter for how long! My weight loss journey post is coming soon. Sorry is taking me so long to get to it :)


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