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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get to know me a little better ;)

Hey fellow bloggers & readers!
I came across the above "challenge" at a friend's blog and I thought it would be a great idea to share some things about myself you guys might not know. I really appreciate my readers and I think you all deserve to get to know me a little better. So here goes:

Ten Secrets:
1. Although im in my 20s I enjoy very old music (im talking 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s music) over the modern jams (and I have the IPOD to prove it.)
2. More often than not I rather listen to talk radio over regular music stations (that means AM stations or books on a CD while Im driving).
3. I honestly & sincerely believe in the law of attraction
4. When I was in grade school and we could choose between gifts for a job well done I would choose books over candy (shocking considering I was an overweight child).
5. I used to be bullied constantly as a child for being overweight
6. I still call my parents to say good night every.single.night of the week
7. Ive told a couple of teachers in the past that I had done an assigment and they probably "lost it" just to not do the assigment and still get the credit (this is horrible! I've never done that again after college).
8. I had a huge fist fight with a roomate once which involved throwing water at her face...(im not a violent person. That was my one and only fight. ever.)
9. I am working on being more confident and outgoing- shyness is something i've struggled with
10. I slept in the same bed/ room with my sister for more years than I'd like to admit (my parents house had very limited space)

Eight Fears:
1. Rats/Mice (I almost moved out of an apartment once for that sole reason.)
2. Heights
3. Death (sometimes)
4. Public speaking in front of large audience
5. Unwanted attention
6. Getting a terminal disease
7. Not reaching my full potential in life/this earth
8. Being alone in a dark alley. ever.

Six Places:
1. France
2. Hawaii
3. Italy
4. Spain
5. Brazil
6. Home

Four Books:
1. Think and grow rich
2. The power of thinking big
3. The secret
4. Law of attraction

Two Songs:
1. I will survive
2. Ricky Martin's Pegate (very upbeat spanish song)

Nine Loves:
1. My mom
2. My dad
3. My sister
4. The love of my life (when I meet him ;)
5. My extended family (love them all!)
6. My friends
7. My grandmothers
8. My grandfather
9. Myself

Seven Wants:
1. To find a job I absolutely love and can do for the rest of my life
2. My own new apartment
3. To be very successful
4. To ALWAYS be healthy
5. To find the love of my life
6. To maintain my "happy weight" for the rest of my life
7. 250+ more readers/followers for my blog :D

Five Foods:
1. Mexican
2. Japanese (sushi!)
3. Indian (that bread! o.m.g!)
4. Spanish food (homemade)
5. Any and all desserts

Three Films
1. My big fat greek wedding
2. Must love dogs
3. Almost anything on the Lifetime channel

One picture (of yourself)
Fell free to post this "Challenge" on your blog and share with your readers!! :)
Question: What is your biggest "want" in life? (what you most desire?)


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