Ma Bella Vita: My stomach has a personality with attitude—A firm one!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My stomach has a personality with attitude—A firm one!

So this morning despite the warnings on the radio regarding the weather apparently I wasn’t paying attention because I left my apartment and walked right out in to an ice storm! I am not kidding. Ice rain all over the place and what’s even more crazy--my car completely covered in hard ice (the kind you have to kinda' hit hard with some kind of snow utensil or rock for it to fall off your vehicle). So, it took me about 15 minutes to clean off all that ice but mostly because I walked out my apartment with my nice work pants and high heels only to run back upstairs to change in to my snow boots and add an extra winter hat to my ensemble considering I also did my hair and it needed to be covered ughh!! What a way to start the morning. Thankfully my dad (whom lives just a few blocks away) passed by to help me clean the car—love my dad. Always there for me.

So anyway, I finally drove off my neighborhood at around 8:10am. I had a meeting at work at 9:00 am but didn’t make it until 9:15 considering I was driving at about 3 mph on the highway. The meeting had started without me of course but thankfully I wasn’t the only one with a rough morning as other people walked in after me.

As someone who likes to prepares her meals ahead of time whenever possible—I had made an almond butter and jelly sandwich on cinnamon raisin flat bread last night which I sneaked in to my meeting this morning. So I sat with my sandwich while I heard the presenter talk and all of a sudden I heard this big growl coming from my stomach—so loud that the person next to me heard it and looked at me with a smile. So that’s what I mean when I say that my stomach has a firm attitude—it wants what it wants when it wants it! Sometimes I wish my attitude as a person was just as firm!

Since I’m so used to eating breakfast 99.9999% of the time every single day of my life existence when I wasn’t giving it what it needed it started to scream! Thank you stomach for reminding me once again through your loud growls how important breakfast is.

So now im here catching up on massive amounts of work and trying to maintain momentum. Is pizza day at the office today but I don’t really feel like eating pizza. I brought a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat which I will be eating later. I just ate a yogurt.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Question: How’s the weather in your city today? Does your stomach scream when you don’t give it what it needs?


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