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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trader Joe's (Finally!) & Too Cool to buy Books

Hello dear readers!

So the past couple of days have been pretty eventful and I have some stuff to share. Yesterday my job sent me to the city for some training entitled “managing multiple priorities”. It was a good training but I do realize that everything I learned will be worthless unless I put it to use. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. I’ll update on my progress! The nice trainer guy wrapped up the class at around 3:45 (very nice of him). My intention was to take the train to 34th street and do some window shopping/people watching/actual shopping but after waiting for the downtown train for a little bit too long I realized I was too tired to go walking.

In the middle of my tired state a light bulb went off in my head and I remembered my plans (made several weeks back) of rekindling my relationship with the New York Public Library. I used to spend HOURS at the library in high school but during college and after college I completely stopped going! So anyways, I ran toward the uptown side of the train station and took the train back to my neighborhood. I found my car and drove towards the nearest library. After paying a fee of $24.75 (apparently I turned in some books fairly late in the past and the fee was still lingering around) I got my reward:

The library branch I went to was fairly small and didn’t have much to choose from. But almost when I was about to walk out the door I found a few interesting books:

From top to bottom:

Self Improvement books:

1. Unforgettable You by Daisy Fuentes: Capture the elements of style, spirituality and true beauty. (The author is popular among the Spanish community but she also used to be an MTV VJ back in the 80s. Some of you might remember her).
2. The Girls guide to kicking your career in to gear by: Caitlin Friedman & Kimberly Yorio


3. My Nest isn’t empty it just has more closet space By: Lisa Scottoline
4. Let Them Eat Cake by: Sandra Bird

So the highlight of my Monday was definitely the library. Don’t ask me when I’ll have the time to finish all those books since they only gave me 3 weeks!! I don’t remember the lending time being so short! Guess I’ll be renewing.

And today…Im happy to share that I FINALLY made it to Trader Joe's for the first time in my life!!

First of all, I had a dentist appointment which went surprisingly well:

On my drive towards the dentist I passed by a Trader Joes and decided this was a sign from the Universe saying to me “ listening and here it is...” (thank you universe!):

I have been wanting to got to a TJs for over a year (no kidding) so ya'll know I was excited. The one I went to was fairly small (I wonder if they’re all like that). The first thing I searched for was Almond Butter!! (searched for about 15 minutes because I didn’t know where it was):

I also picked up a couple of additional items that looked interesting:

I went grocery shopping not too long ago so I really didn’t have much to buy but next time my pantry is empty ya’ll know where I’ll be going :D. The people are so cool and the food is genuinely natural and fresh. Why cant all supermarkets be like that?

After Trader Joes and the dentist I headed to the gym where I worked out for about an hour and 10 minutes. I was on the treadmill the whole time but I did a combination of running and speed walking while reading a health magazine and listening to my Ipod....I then came home to a pretty cool email. ;)

I am now relaxing and will continue to relax hopefully tomorrow as well since Im praying for a snow day. Supposed to snow 15 inches tomorrow or something crazy here in the city! Let is snow!!! I need all the time I can get to read all these books I got...and relax :).

Question: What are the best food items to get a Trader Joes? Also, Do you recommend any good books? (Need to put the library card to good use!!)


  1. I go to our public library quite often. I do think many of the public libraries have lost money over the years. I have noticed shorter hours and more late fees, it's such a bummer. I still go though, I love a good book!

    I also LOVE Trader Joe's. I get their roasted almond butter with flax seed, their Cabot cheese, and Greek yogurt. Oh , and tons more :)

  2. Thanks for the Trader Joes food item ideas! :)

  3. I love TJs and really miss having one near me. The almond butter is amazingly cheap! I love the flavored cashews, and the Just Banana, which is a dried banana that is not crispy, but chewy. They also have a frozen entree of orange chicken which is really tasty and pretty good nutritional stats.

  4. Lori--I agree on the affordability of the almond butter. I went to stop and shop once and they were selling a jar for $11!!! it was crazy. I got a nice size jar at TJs for only $5. Big difference! :)

  5. We are getting a TJS in our town later this year!!!!! I have been a few times on vacation.

  6. Hi ‘wasting time’ :) thanks for visiting my blog. That’s great that you’ll have a TJs nearby. Is a great place! I think they should expand to more locations.


Thank you for your comment :)