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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Breaking the Crackberry Addiction

So today Im feeling much better. Ive been much more productive and focused at work but I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I turned off my blackberry this morning and haven’t turned it on since. My phone can be a HUGE distraction for me if I let it…and sometimes even causes anxiety which somehow has a correlation with my eating habits (I sound like a belong in a mental institution! I swear I dont). Well, the important part is that I recognized my little problem and im doing something about it. Lets see how this goes. Day one of battling my crackberry addiction.

Anyways, here is what I had for lunch:
Turkey and cheese sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread, multigrain chips.

After lunch I was still hungry so I had some almonds:

I like 100 calorie packs! They provide me with a sense of control. Thank you to whoever thought of that clever idea ;)

If you haven’t noticed--the turkey and cheese sandwich is a staple in my diet and I think ive had the same thing for lunch every day for like the past 5-6 years. Im afraid to try anything else because this is what usually satisfies me. I deviate from my typical lunch when either 1. Im getting a work-sponsored/Free lunch 2. I don’t have time to prepare my lunch the night before or 3. My diet is crap and I decide to spend my hard earned cash on fast food.
On the plus side—I’ve saved a whole lot of money on lunches so thumbs up to frugality!

Question: Do you usually buy lunch every day or prepare it at home?

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  1. I work from home, so I always prepare from there LOL! I do try to plan as my break from work doesn't give me a ton of time to do a lot of cooking.


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