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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A la' Mexican!

So last night I met with a good friend from my undergard college days to have dinner. We were emailing each other back and forth at work deciding where to go when I remembered Ive been having an intense craving for Mexican food lately. I then recalled this cute little spot in uptown Manhattan I’ve been wanting to go for a while: Papasito Mexican Grill & Agave Bar.

…And that’s where we ended up!

First of all—the atmosphere of this place is amazing! Everyone from the hostess to the servers were extremely nice and attentive. The place was a little dark so I couldn’t take any quality photos. Nonetheless, this morning I made it my mission to find photos of the dishes I ate because they were AMAZING from the presentation to the actual taste…quality from beginning to end.

I have to admit the dishes were a little small. Maybe it was because my friend and I ordered from the appetizer section rather than from the actual dinner menu. But nonetheless, we were both pretty satisfied.

Credit where credit is due: I found the restaurant’s photos/menus at: (pics below).

So this is what I had:

The name of this dish was Tamal del Mar (Seafood tamal). The last time I had a tamal was at Bobby Flays restaurant in vegas last year. And let me tell you---this one blew the ball out the park for me.

Salmon Ceviche:

Tasted very fresh and lemon-y. Good overall but I was still dreaming of the tamal while eating fried also choose the Salmon Ceviche but opted for the chile relleno instead of the tamal. The site had no photos for the chile dish for some reason but my friend was raving about how good it was....and I believe her.

Dessert (we shared a small flan and guava tres leches dessert called tres tres):

The rich and creamy flan:

Guava Tres Leches ("Tres Tres"):

I had a great evening with a great friend! After dinner and a few hours of amazing conversation my friend and I parted ways. I made it home early enough to snuggle in my pajamas and watch TV for about an hour. It was sooooo cold out last night.

Now im here sitting at my kitchen table with my gym outfit on ready for a workout. I also need to hit up the supermarket later. Lets make this a productive saturday!!! Have an amazing day all!!!

QUESTION: Do you like mexican food? if so, what's the best Mexican dish you've ever had?


  1. I do love Mexican is my favorite! I LOVE a good, fresh guacumole dip with with lots of lemon and sea salt and a bit of red onion...that is how I make it...soooo good!!:)

    I just think it is too cool you live in NYC. I have been there once and fell in love! Wanting to go back so bad and bring my family.

  2. Yes. I agree Mexican food is the best! Is without a doubt one of my faves as well!! And you should def come back to NY!!!! :D

  3. that salmon ceviche looks delish! we don't have mexican very often, but i did make vegetarian chili for the first time last night. next time less jalapenos.... :)


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