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Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Very first Blog Award!!!

So I was super excited last night when I checked my phone in between classes and I had an email notifying me of my very first blog award (see the banner to your right)!!! Is a great feeling to know that there are people out there reading my blog and, not only that, but that my blog is seen as something of quality that is worth reading.

So, thank you to all my readers to date!!! I greatly appreciate your comments and your feedback on my posts. Every time I see a notification for a comment it puts a huge smile on my face so you can only imagine how I felt when I was notified of this award. I sound like I just won a Grammy or something haha ;).

I absolutely love blogging/writing and my goal is to reach hundreds, maybe thousands, of readers in the near future and continue to increase the traffic to my blog. Let’s make it happen! J

Have a great day everyone. TGIT!!!

Question: What is the best advise you can provide to a fairly new blogger about increasing traffic/number of readers? J


  1. Congrats! My blog is a baby, too, so I'd love to read these tips.

  2. yay, congrats on your award!
    i still consider myself fairly new to blogging so i'm definitely not an expert on it. if you google it though, you'll find HEAPS of stuff on the subject. "problogger" is a website worth checking out! :)

  3. Read others and comment, twitter, facebook!

  4. :-) Congrats on the award! Just found you through Tina's blog! All I can say is really reading and commenting on others blogs, and posting on facebook! However, I'm there with you, and just started mine so I'd love to hear what others have to say!!! :-)

  5. Hey gals! thanks for passing by! Great Ideas so far!!!! Thank you so much! Keep them coming!

  6. yay congrats!! id definitely say commenting on other blogs really helps so people can find you! like i did!

  7. Congrats to you!
    Best advice? Get a Twitter account, and a domain name. It's helped me a lot! Also, the more you post, the better (I used to post everyday, and I had a TON more readers at that time).

  8. hmmm...not sure if my last comment went through or not, but I'll say it again just in case...CONGRATS!

    Also, some tips: Post as often as possible, get a domain name, and a Twitter account. They all help!


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