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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Put the Peanut Butter down and no one gets hurt!

So last night I went out and didn’t get home until 4:30 am!! Once at home I wanted to eat so I had some crackers with cheese and then crashed! I woke up with the guilty conscience of having drank 2 ½ glasses of red wine and 2 Jack and Cokes. Almost had a panic attack! But, don’t worry---these drinks were spaced out throughout the night so I wasn’t drunk. However, I could have done without those two last drinks…ahhhh..But then again is not like I drink every weekend.

....See?! Im trying REALLY hard to feel better about this!

Anyways,  I woke up this morning at around 12pm craving oatmeal and prepared myself the usual:

Oats w/ apple slices, raisins, cinnamon and a teaspoon of peanut butter.
I also had a cup of green tea and the remainder of the Gala apple I had sliced up for my oatmeal.

I ate the remainder of the apple with some peanut butter and then continued to eat peanut butter while sitting with my laptop at the kitchen table. Why you ask? No clue. I don’t know where this love for peanut butter came from. Hence, time to get this jar as far away from me as possible asap!
Side note: I dont like creamy nut butter. When I have either peanut or almond butter it MUST be the crunchy/chunky kind or else im not having it! Just my preference ;)

Ok I need to get my butt out of the kitchen. This Sunday is running away from me and I’d like to do something productive for once! ;) I’ll.Be.Back.

Question: Do you ever feel guilty for “over-drinking”?

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  1. I'm a college student, so I tend to feel guilty about drinking a lot. I'm not a heavy drinker, I usually limit myself to one night a week and it's usually just a couple, but I hate watching cals add up!


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