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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Run, Run, Run...Personal Accomplishments :)...

Hello :)

Im so excited because I am finally increasing my running stamina!! I've been wanting to run for longer than 5 minutes for quite some time now and is finally happening!..So today I went to the gym and ran the treadmill for almost 30 minutes straight!!! I know for you professional runners out there this might be a piece of cake but for me is a HUGE personal accomplishment. I am not the type to compare myself to others. I set goals to be my personal best and improve in my personal capabilities...I'm happy to know my stamina is improving. The weird thing is that some days I can run for longer than others...Im not sure what the reason for that is but I will find out. In addition to running I did some fast pace walking and uphill walking all on the treadmill. I was at the gym for 60 mins. (Side note: A whole lot of hot guys at my gym but that's another story!! haha)

Anyways, upon my return from working out I had a nice, simple lunch:
Turkey and chesse on whole wheat w/ lettuce + platain chips.
..And yogurt:

...with pistachios and honey (yes. when I find a mix I like; I tend to eat it every chance I get).

After the gym I did a whole lot of organizing because my apartment was upside down. I detest disorganization! Hence, had to make it a project today to do some cleaning. Definitely made some great progress.

I had to take a dinner break at around 7:30 ish because I was starving!!!
Grilled chicken, baked sweet potatoes (delicious!), steamed broccoli.

Updates on my saturday to-do list:
1. Gym
2. Reading
3. Buy Broadway tickets (seeing a show w/ my sis next weekend!!!)
4. Laundry
5. Cleaning/organizing
6. A little blogging, a little relaxation

I think I've made some great progress....Now I am chillaxing!

QUESTION: What's your favorite meal/snack to have after a workout?

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  1. congrats on your run, girl, that's awesome!! you're so right, you gotta compare yourself to your own personal goals, every body is different and we're all at different stages. i myself haven't had a good run in a week..sigh...the quads are sore and just don't wanna. cross fingers for tomorrow! :)


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