Ma Bella Vita: Sharing a secret: My weight loss Accomplishment (PART I)

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sharing a secret: My weight loss Accomplishment (PART I)

This is something I haven’t been sharing much about on the blog because when I take on a weight loss journey/plan I like to keep it to myself. Ive learned that keeping my weight loss goal internal usually guarantees more times than not that I will succeed. I mean, people kinda notice the change when Im eating healthier than usual but is not something I announce or brag about. I know many magazines and books about weight loss actually advocate the idea of sharing with everyone when one is taking on such a goal. However, each person is different.

So…with that said I’d like to share that back on 10/03/2010 after a whole lot of prior trial/errors and contemplations/day dreaming I finally woke up with the firm mentality of changing my eating habits and eating patterns and making a conscious effort to take care of myself inside and out. I’m someone who has always loved the feeling that comes with taking care of her body in terms of healthy eating an exercising. However, if you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning you know that sometimes I’ve “fallen off the wagon” and I've treated my body horribly in terms of binge eating and ignoring my gym membership for months at the time. I think I spent about 6-8 months out of 2010 eating horribly and treating my body like a sack of junk. The most frustrating part is that it can be a snowball effect so, the more I ate—the worst I felt and the worst I felt the more I ate and it was a never ending cycle.

Anyways--I’m happy to announce that making a conscious effort to make a change in my lifestyle has paid off significantly. And I sit here exactly 4 months and one day later since I started my healthy life makeover (as I like to call it) with almost 30 pounds less on my body. So how did I do it? Well, before I get in to that another thing I have to share is that Ive been very interested in the nutrition/fitness topic since the age of 15 (or even prior to that due to my weight issues growing up). Although I am not a nutritionist or dietician I have been doing research on healthy eating/fitness for over 10 years and throughout the years I’ve picked up a lot of knowledge and I’ve learned a lot through my own personal experiences. One of the major things I’ve learned (and is something that most legitimate weight loss programs will tell you) is that you HAVE to see healthy eating/exercise as a way of life and never as a diet that you’re on. I learned from a very young age that a balanced lifestyle that frowns on depravation and encourages enjoying foods in moderation is what works for the long term.

**I will be posting some before and after photos soon. Please bear with me. I need a scanner desperately and I also need to figure out how my digital camera works**.

In the meantime, I want to share some of the major things that worked for me in my weight loss journey. It's kind of a long list of things so Im doing some editing. Stay tunned for my next post!!!

QUESTION: What is your opinion about keeping certain goals internal until they materialize?


  1. Congratulations! I think the key is finding something that works that you can stick with for a lifetime and something that is flexible enough to change at times when you need it to.


  2. Congratulations!! Your story is definitely inspirational, and I'm looking forward to seeing pics!

  3. great post! congrats on your weight loss as well!

    you're right, healthy eating is definitely not a short term thing, it's a life long commitment. and as it should be, your body deserves to be taken care of, amen? :)

  4. Thank you all! I hope my posts help inspire those who are also looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Part II coming soon :D


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