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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Surprise Surprise! ;)

GOOD MORNING! And happy saturday!

First of all...I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post. All the advise provided is wonderful and I will try them all! thanks so much! If you are just passing by my blog for the first time please feel free to comment on my previous post as well if you have any additional advise you'd like to share. It'll be greatly appreciated!
One of the many things I have to do is get a twitter account soon so I'll make sure to update you all when I do and hopefully we can all follow each other :)

In other news....surprise surprise: I FINALLY updated the 'About Me' section of the blog and that means I've finally posted the before and after photos I have been promising for so long. So, now you can see what I'm talking about in regards to how far I've come with my weight. I hope to inspire others to also lead a healthy life and to follow me in my journey which I plan to continue sharing in my blog.

My plans for the day: Hit the Gym, do some homework for class, hit up the library for some audio books and maybe do my hair. Im also meeting a friend later on tonight. My first time at a comedy show! So excited!

Anyways, this is what I had for breakfast this morning:

In the mix: Kashi Golden Goodness cereal w/ added almonds, raisins and organic skim milk. I also had a cup of tea and some melon.

Off I go!

Hope everyone has an AMAZING Saturday! :D


  1. Your story is very inspiring. I'm bookmarking your blog and will be back to read more of your posts.Hope you could also drop by at Foodista :)


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