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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Glasses of Fun

Good Morning!

Is a beautiful Saturday morning here in NYC. Hopefully the nice weather is countrywide :)

….Soooo…. last night I ended up having 2 glasses of red wine instead of just 1 but I was proud of myself that I didn’t join the vodka, hard liquor, shots fiasco. I guess I was just not in the mood to go all out like that. I had an amazing time with my co-workers and actually ended up meeting some cool new people. I stayed at the bar until around 10:00pm (got there around 6pm). I needed to allow myself sometime to get the wine out of my system and then I drove back home.

When I got home I was starving! (didn’t really eat anything at the bar) so I searched my fridge for leftovers (found none) so I ended up making myself a nice chicken salad:

I don’t think this has ever happened but right after I ate my salad I felt EXHAUSTED and it was only like 11:15pm on a Friday night so I fell asleep!!! Im a little embarrassed to admit to this….lol…is it that i'm getting older and cant really party like is 1999 anymore? Oh man. Or maybe I was just tired from the week? Ok Im blaming it on my busy week…moving on….haha

This morning woke up around 9ish craving my typical oatmeal with the apple/cinnamon/almond butter topping:
I also had a cup of coffee with skim milk. Feeling satisfied.

Now I'm lounging around watching TV and plan to go to the gym a little later. Plans for today:

1. Gym
2. Reading
3. Buy Broadway tickets (seeing a show w/ my sis next weekend!!!)
4. Laundry
5. Cleaning/organizing
6. A little blogging, a little relaxation

Happy Saturday to all.

QUESTION: What are your plans for this beautiful Saturday?

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