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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brunch & The City

Sunday was such a beautiful day in New York. It was my friend’s Alicea’s birthday and she reserved a late brunch at Pastis for us and two of her other girlfriends. Pastis is located in the meatpacking district on 9th avenue between 13th and 12th street. It was my first time at Pastis and let me tell you, I loved it!
The atmosphere was very lively and energetic. Our waiter was super cool (at one point we wondered if he was drunk). The brunch menu was filled with French-inspired delicatessens....But my eyes were fixated on this menu for longer than I'd like to admit:

I eventually came back to my senses and started off with a nice cafe con leche:

And then opted for Eggs Florentine consisting of poached eggs and spinach on English muffin drizzled with a delicious Béarnaise sauce:

The other girls opted for French toast and fruit which also looked amazingly delicious. I might try that on my next visit (…and there will def. be a next time god willing!).

After brunch we walked around and passed by the Chelsea Market. I’ve never been there before but you betta’ believe I made a mental note to go in there in the very near future.

We ended up walking to Highline which is some sort train-track turned park (im telling you, only in NY). It is beautiful up there and I’m sure it’ll look even nicer in the summer time. I borrowed this photo from their website:

…I took some photos myself; but still trying to download them in to my computer from the new digital camera. I can be technologically challenged sometimes.

I have lived in NYC for almost 18 years and recently came to the conclusion that I have a WHOLE LOT to explore. What’s wrong with me?! It should be a mission of mine this coming spring/summer to take advantage of all the exciting things in NYC. Stay tuned.

The work/school week has begun (as of yesterday of course) back to the grind! I have midterms in the horizon. Back to focus mode.

Do Share!

What’s your favorite brunch menu item?
What’s your favorite brunch place?


  1. I love brunch! I don't think I've ever had eggs florentine, but from your description it sounds delicious. Let's face it, anything with egg and/or bacon is something I will ALWAYS eat!

    I often feel like I haven't explored my own city enough either. I've lived here my whole life and there are several places I've never been. I need to plan a STAY-cation!

  2. I love the idea of a STAY-cation. Lol…I think Im going to pretend Im a tourist and explore the entire city.
    The eggs Florentine was definitely delicious. U should try it!

  3. it's very easy to take your city for granted. we've lived in Sydney for 3 years and i've barely been outside downtown! such a shame because i hear there's some beautiful neighborhoods.

  4. Two years ago I came to the same conclusion that even though I lived in Denver longer then any other city, I didn't quite know it. So I started making a plan to explore. I'm still exploring!!!

    I bet there is so much more to explore in NY! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  5. Looks like Im not the only one who hasnt explored their own city!!! Well, now Im even more inspired to do it! :D.


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