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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Checking in

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers!

How has your week been? I cannot believe how things can change from one second to the other. Ive been watching the news about the horrendous tragedy in Japan and my heart goes out to all those people. It is such a sad situation. It reminds me how much we need to live life to the fullest and be grateful for every second of our lives because we never know what will happen next. May god be with us all.

I wanted to thank everyone for all the great feedback on my previous post. I think ever since I read that article on food addiction I have been intrigued by the subject. I've continued to read about it on the Internet but Ive been focusing my research on possible solutions to the root of the "problem". I promise to share my findings.

My week was pretty busy as usual! I usually disappear from my friend's radars the entire week because of school and work. Is pretty crazy but I'm hanging in there.

On Friday my co-workers and I decided to go out for lunch. We went to a nearby spot around my job called Potter's Pub. Not quite sure who's idea it was to go to a pub in the middle of the day. But no one complained ;). I decided to take a break from the boring salads I usually get  order whatever called my attention on the menu:

Chicken Quesadilla!!!! with hot salsa and sour cream on the side. It was very delicious. I love Mexican food so this definitely hit the spot! Side note: I made a mental note to enjoy every byte of this dish and that's exactly what I did. I even left a little bit on the plate. I shocked myself! You know that research about how your brain takes 20 minutes to realize it's full/satisfied? totally true!

I succumbed to peer pressure and had to order a glass of wine thanks to my crazy co-workers:

This Merlot? Totally worth every sip! Having to go back to work after such a great lunch? Not so great. However, the rest of the afternoon at work kinda flew by after lunch thank goodness!

After work instead of hitting the gym I went to Walmart and the Mall but didn't buy anything. I drove myself home and didn't feel like having a real dinner so I had some Kashi cereal:

With none other than Coconut Milk:

So yeah, on thursday I went to the supermarket searching for my usual organic skim milk but found Coconut Milk on sale instead. Never had it before but I love it! :D. I'd definitely recommend it. To be honest, doesnt even taste like coconut very much. It just has a light, regular milk taste with just a hint of coconut. Def. worth the try.

After dinner I watched some TV (yeah my litmited TV project not going so well...but that's another story!) and went to bed at a ridiculously early time for a friday night. Im telling you, these busy weeks of mine have taken a toll on me! I think is time for a life change :D

And then Saturday came along. I slept sooooooooo good, let me tell you. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE the weekends?!)

Breakfast: Bagel w/ cream cheese, coffee w/ coconut milk ;)

Lunch: Tuna salad (tuna with onions, peppers, little bit of mayo) on 100% whole wheat bread and some blue corn and veggie chips on the side:

After lunch I did some more reading/studying for an upcoming test and ate a 100 calorie snack plus two pieces of chocolate (not pictured) probably out of stress more than anything.

I then got some spark of motivation out of the blue and actually drove myself to the gym at around 7pm!!!! Pretty crazy for me. I completed a 65 minute workout which involved 25 mins on the elliptical and about 40 on the treadmill. No running today. Just a whole lot of resistance and uphill walking (incline of 6-8 on the treadmill). Im up to resistance of 15 on the elliptical (worked myself up from 5 which is all I could do about 5 months ago!). All about the personal milestones ;)

Post gym I ran by the supermarket and then to my parents house for some dinner.
The menu: Rice w/ chicken and a side of red leaf lettuce dressed with light olive oil and vinegar:

....gotta do some more reading/studying but now Im just relaxing.

Dont forget to turn forward your clocks. I can smell spring from here. :) I have plans to hit up a brunch spot with some friends tomorrow. I shall have some stories for you!

How was your saturday?


  1. great job on the workout! i haven't had a good one in a while, it seems my quads are requesting time off. my weekend was a lot of the usual, catching up with friends and boring housework. glad you had a good one! :)

  2. Thank Angela! Im trying to keep the working out momentum going...I hear you on the housework! That’s a weekend staple for most of us! lol :)


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