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Monday, March 28, 2011


So as planned I spent pretty much the entire weekend working on my take home midterm. And guess what: I just finished!!! Crazy, right?! As great as take home exams can be, I feel I would have just been better off studying for a test. But I can’t complain. I got through all the questions by Sunday night and had to skip the gym today to finish editing my work. I drove back to my apartment right after work. Plans with the co-workers were cancelled on Friday so I just went to get my eyebrows done (it was imperative!). After that I went home, had dinner:

Leftover brown rice, scrambled eggs and veggies (I had very limited choices).

After dinner I tried extremely hard to start gathering material for my paper. I go through some reading but eventually started feeling really, really sleepy! Couldn’t keep my eyes open it was crazy! So, I woke up early Saturday morning to get a head start on writing before my brunch date with my friends. Breakfast is a staple in my life so despite brunch plans I still had a real breakfast:
Oatmeal made w/ almond milk and some almond butter and raisins added on top.

Brunch was going to be more like lunch anyways considering our reservations were for 2pm…I took the subway at around 1:00pm towards 14th street (takes me about 30-45 minutes to get downtown on a weekend). We tried a new place this time called Yerbabuena- Perry St location; is a Latin place. Despite my close examination of the menu nothing seemed too great to try so I went with my usual Eggs Benedict:

Instead of English muffin in the bottom, it was actually some kind of corn bread flat cakes. It was pretty good I have to admit. I also had 2 mimosas and by the time I left that place my head was spinning in all directions (not kidding!) I hate drinking in the middle of the day but my friends won the bad influence battle this time.

I have to be honest: I wasn’t crazy about this new place. I’ve definitely been to much better brunch places before. I also have to admit the service was pretty terrible. They had one waiter for the entire place and the poor guy just couldn’t keep up. I probably wont be going back there again but didn’t hurt to try it out! After brunch on Saturday I continued working on my paper and Sunday my saga continued. I guess it helped that this past weekend was FREEZING here in the city so it wasn't like I was missing out on much. So the weekly grind has begun yet again. Hope everyone has an amazing week!

Question: Are you a take home exam or in class exam kinda person? (even if you're not in school anymore, what do you think you would prefer?, just curious).

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