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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I heart Chobani

So the folks over at Chobani sent me a little gift the other day:

I just have to say that this company has amazing customer service. I wrote to let them know how much I love their Greek yogurt and they were nice enough to share all their amazing flavors with me. Before I got all this stuff I had only tried the plain 0% variety. But now Ive gotten a chance to try several of their flavors and so far my favorite is the 2% strawberry banana. I have a whole lot of other flavors to try. Thank goodness expiration date is not until May although im not quite sure this will all last until then ;) hehe

In other news, last night I took my first midterm of the semester. Ive spent the past week and a half studying. When it comes to studying i'm one of those “weird” people that does not like to procrastinate. I have a very “stress free/easy going” personality which can sometimes be hindered by procrastination (which creates stress). Hence, I feel much better tackling studying tasks several days in advance.

I found the test to be very fair and I pretty much knew all the material so im keeping my fingers crossed for a good grade. By the way—this class is Computer Information Systems and it has turned out to be one of my favorite MBA courses so far! The spooky thing is that I ALMOST dropped this course on the very first day of classes. I thought it would be boring but it has turned out to be the complete opposite! Crazy how things work out sometimes!

After my exam last night I was starving but I also had a very yummy dinner:

Grilled Turkey wrap w/ side of steamed veggies :)

This afternoon after lunch I was feeling a little tired so I headed over to Starbucks and got myself an over-priced Skinny Vanilla Latte. I hadn’t been to Starbucks in about 6 months and I guess I forgot how expensive things are in there! I think I stared at the cashier for about 30 seconds with a blank look on my face when he rang me up. $4.95?!?!? By then it was too late to back up on my purchase:

...Lets just say I enjoyed it but I am now $5 poorer but richer in life enjoyment and occasional splurges! :D
And can someone please tell me WHY I bought this from a co-worker:

Yes. They are good. And yes, I’ve eaten almost half a sleeve of cookies in the last hour. Someone please save me!

Time to hit up the gymnasium-ASAP.

What is your favorite drink to get at Starbucks? (if you go in there at all!)
What is your favorite kind of Girl Scouts cookies?


  1. What size drink is that?

    I like to get either unflavored lattes or an americano (which I add my own milk to)

  2. Thanks for the kind words! The pleasure was all ours. Well.. not really. You might get some pleasure out of those 'gurts. :) Enjoy!


    Emily, Communications Manager, Chobani

  3. Lori---I got the Grande because it had a sign next to it saying it was "only 130 calories". I usually get a small but the sign steered me in the wrong direction! lol but I like your recommendation, will try getting that next time.

  4. Emily-thanks so much for passing by! you are awesome!!!

  5. That yogurt looks so yummy. Greek is the BEST! I haven't heard of that brand...I don't think they have it in my neck of the woods!!

    I appreciate your support and love to stop by here for a visit. I am living vicariously through dream was to always live in NYC!!!:)

  6. Hi Leslie! Im suprised they dont have Chobani by where you live. I thought it was a country-wide brand. Im sure it'll get to you sooner or later :) Thanks for your comments. Hope you visit NY soon!!! :)


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