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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Personal Challenge for March 2011

March is here!!!

Oh yes. I'm am doing the spring dance.

In other news…I have some projects for the month of March which I'd like to share with you--my beloved reader. One in particular has to do with my TV obsession.

So, you may or may not know that I can be a MAJOR couch potato if I let myself. As a matter of fact, and as pathetic as this might sound, I sometimes enjoy (probably more than the average person) spending entire weekends relaxing in the comfort of my own apartment with a good movie/TV show/ or just plain old bad TV. I haven't done this in a while but I know what I am capable of!

When it comes to television-- I watch it all!!!! I do not discriminate.

Well guess what I have learned---watching too much TV is not only bad for the development of your brain/intelligence but it also makes you eat more than normal. And I'm not talking carrot sticks or celery stalks. I'm talking about processed foods, sugar, chips...anything that's bad for you in excess.

I don’t know what it is about the pictured TV+ couch combination in my apartment that makes my brain go in to overdrive and a little bit too excited thinking about all the snacks I can have while chilling there:

…I sit crash on the above pictured couch to relax very often and next thing I know I am several+ pieces of chocolates later plus god knows what else and I'm wondering how I got there. I've come to a conclusion that this is a habit..

…And thank the lord HABITS CAN BE BROKEN!!!! oh yes. Thank you Jesus!

So…I would like to introduce you to: The 31-day Limited TV project.

What is this all about you may ask? Well, first of all, there are some TV shows that I actually LOVE and they have a positive/happy effect on my brain (not sure if that makes any sense!) but those shows I will keep during my 31 day challenge. These are my guilty pleasures (please don't judge me!! lol):

1. Drop Dead Diva (begins March 4th)
2.Nuestra Belleza Latina (begins march 8th, Spanish TV show)
3. What Not to Wear (Tuesdays 9pm)
4. Kourtney and Kim take New York (Sundays 10pm)
5. I used to be Fat (MTV show)

I think that's about it.

Anything outside these listed shows is off limits…Also, if at any time any of the shows above is a re-run, it will also be off limits for that particular day. This means that for the month of March I will not be sitting on my couch during a Saturday/Sunday afternoon or a typical weekday night aimlessly flipping thorough multiple channels of bad television and time wasting….Not quite sure how this is going to go but I am READY for the challenge.

I will look to update either on a daily or weekly basis. Haven't decided yet because I have the commitments of school and work and not quite sure if I'll be able to do the daily thing. But I will let you all know how this goes one way or another. Wish me luck! :D

...Looks like im going to have a lot of free time on my hands.

QUESTION: What are your projects/objectives for march?


  1. That is a challenge. I know what you mean...I LOVE TV, too...and if there is an old 80's movie on I am so on the couch in my jammies, snuggled with my blanket:)

    My fave shows are American Idol, Biggest Loser, Heavy, V, Parenthood, and so many more!!

  2. good luck on your challenge! i used to LOVE What Not to Wear! (we dont' get the Stacey/Clint version over here...sigh...) to be honest, i don't watch a lot of TV and it's mostly because my attention span is shot to nothin'. haha...i blame the internet. :P


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