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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Twist to my Sunday Morning Breakfast

Good morning world! So, In the past several months think I’ve had oatmeal every weekend morning for breakfast. Well guess what, this morning I spiced up my life and had some eggs instead.

…But not just any eggs.

I added Broccoli...

...And part-skim mozarella cheese.

And made myself a scrambled egg-broccoli wrap (on a whole wheat tortilla):

Paired it up with some café con leche (no sugar).

Is Sunday. I have no crazy plans. Is raining outside.
…Im loving every second. J

Trying to make my time in the apartment productive today (when don’t I?!). Im thinking catching up on a little work, a little reading and continue to fight my TV addiction (more on that coming shortly in the tv project tab).

Cheers to a happy Sunday!

Question: Do you enjoy rainy days?

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