Ma Bella Vita: Where did the week go??!?!?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where did the week go??!?!?

Okay this is really out of control. I don't understand why time flies so quickly! I mean, the weekend is just around the corner and I'm VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT because seriously, this week has been super busy and I need a break! ...however, the madness is not over yet! Just wanted to pass by real quick and share my eats for the day.

For breakfast I had a Cinnamon Raisin bagel from Trader Joe's with cream cheese (oh yeah, forgot to mention I made a super quick visit to trader Joe's the other day--didnt buy much they were out of almond butter which is the main reason I went). I also had a cup of green tea AND a cup of coffee with milk (the caffeine wakes me up and makes me focus!)

Lunch was work-sponsored (gotta' love those) I had a Gorgonzola salad with walnuts. No dressing added as it was amazingly delicious just plain. I tried REALLY hard not to eat all the walnuts but I could not resist. So good! At least I saved some calories by leaving out the dressing, right? :)

*Also had a peach diet snapple with this (so good!)

Post luch my sweet tooth decided to pay me a visit so I had one serving of Girl Scout cookies. Miraculously was able to keep it to one serving! yey me! lol. Im trying to stretch out the life line of that box for as long as humanly possible.

After work I drove myself to the gym. Did I mention how much I LOVE working out lately? It seriously clears my mind and gives me so well needed "ME" time. I usually loose myself with my music and a magazine. It's great. This is me in the locker room pre-workout:

*Random side note: I got that t-shirt when I ran my first 5K last year :)


Steamed veggies, grilled pork shop (thanks mom!), about 1/2 cup brown rice.

...Now I am here working on my take home midterm which is due on Monday! I have to work on like a zillion questions and I have a WHOLE lot of reading to do. I cant complain though my management professor is amazing! When she mentioned the midterm was take home I think everyone just wanted to hug her.

I have brunch plans this weekend with two of my best friends and maybe dinner with co-workers tomorrow night. Thats a big maybe. I REALLY hope I can squeeze them in between my studies. Besides those two possible events, I will be spending my weekend working on this midterm. fun! fun! My life is so exciting :D

I need a vacation! Hawaii anyone?

Are you also wondering where your week went? or, are you happy with the pace of the week?
Any exciting vacations planned for the near future? Please share! :)


  1. Love reading about your adventures!! Also great photo of you at the gym:)

    I have set up my Zumba space and will be taking a few photos to share my BEFORE photos on my blog. Also cleaning our needed!!

    I am looking forward to our family vacation. I would love to go back to Disney!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend...and oh, that salad looks amazing!!!!

  2. My weeks are all over the place now that I have random days off each week (sometimes Sunday, sometimes Monday, sometimes Thursday and sometimes Friday). It's crazy!!

    I love walnuts on salads. I would have eaten them all too!! I love pecans on my salad too, and can never stop at just half. Healthy fats...right?!

    I'll come to Hawaii with you! ;)


Thank you for your comment :)