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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Found my Energy Mojo!

...and the weekend continues :)...why cant weekends be 3 days, I would love that!
Anyways, this morning I woke up determined to let go off yesterday's couch potato funk. And I did just that! Woke up at around 10-ish (I tend to sleep late on Sundays and it feels so good) and had this for breakfast:

Flat multigrain bread with 2 boiled eggs, cup of coffee with almond milk.

Post breakfast I lounged around for a little bit and then started and finished a project I will share with you all sometime this week. :)

Later on in the day I remembered I needed to drop off something at a friend's house which turned out to be the perfect opportunity to put on my gym clothes and hit the gym right after. As you may or may not know, a magazine and my ipod are my gym companions. I have run out of new issues from all the magazines I subscribe to and this called for desperate measures. Had to hit up my old, old, old issues stack.

Hi, my name is Mabel and I'm a magazine hoarder:

Trust me, this is just a VERY small stack. I cannot show you how my magazine-hoarder problem really looks like (I'm only partially kidding :D ). I settled for this:

A September 2008 issue of Self. I'm embarrassed to admit this. I promise I am normal!
It actually had some pretty good articles which apparently I forgot I had read.

Gym is something I rarely do on Sundays but honestly loved every minute of it today. It definitely enhanced my energy mojo. Here is the run down:
  • 40 mins @ the elliptical--including a 5-10 min cool down
  • 40 mins of treadmill--including 10 or so mins of runnins and a 5 minute cool down
Post gym, I made myself a very quick and delicious lunch:

Pre-made tuna fish with romaine lettuce on a whole wheat wrap plus a smoothie made with papaya, almond milk, some protein powder and 2 cubes of ice :). I also snacked on some organic blue corn tortillas.
***Check out my "Hot Mess" glass :D. Got it as a gift from a very good friend of mine right after a trip to Vegas last year. Love it!!! She has a way on finding really original gifts. Thanks Ximena! :)

Now I must go take a shower and start packing for New Orleans!!! I cannot wait. I gotta start packing now because I still have work and school this week and once mondays comes along I turn in to a very busy bee!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of this wonderful weekend!

Question: Do you enjoy reading magazines as much as I do? do you think I have a problem? please share! :D

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  1. Oh I love reading magazines. I had to get rid of a bunch when we were moving, and I never realized how many old issues I just had laying around. I've started to just rip out the articles I like and stick them in a binder, to avoid the mess I had before. :-)


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