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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I need Digital Camera Lessons...New trip in the Horizon.

Hey everyone! I came back from New Orleans last week and I have to say I had an AMAZING time with great friends and a super cool tour guide. I have sooooo many exciting photos to share with all of all of you. From Crawfish to Boignes to Pralines---I had it all!!! :D

I used a new digital camera during my trip (which Im still trying to figure out) and i've been to Target twice trying to get the photos in to a CD to upload them in to my computer but my memory card is too small to fit in to those little slots. A good friend of mine volunteered to help me with my dilemma so I shall have the photos up soon. The real problem? My current Internet access at home is too slow for the camera! So, uploading all those photos would take me 30 days more or less...(okay maybe Im exaggerating a bit). Please bare with me. I seriously need to invest in a new computer. Lets just say 99% of my friends seriously want to kill me because I never have the pictures uploaded on time.

I have another trip in the works. I leave this Thursday and come back next Tuesday. I'm SUPER excited. I'll leave this as a little surprise for all of you. Is a place I've never been to before. Im currently packing for that trip :). In case you havent noticed yet---I LOVE traveling! Specially to new places.
This weekend has been pretty good. I have to say it's been very productive for the most part and that's always good. My tummy is aching a little. Not sure whats wrong. Im going to have some hot tea with lemon and put my feet up to relax right after I finish this post.

This morning I enjoyed a light breakfast consisting of an egg sandwich on flat bread and some coffee. I then had a turkey sandwich and tortilla chips for lunch plus some fruit.
My dinner took the cake, however. My mom came to visit and she made me this amazing-looking salad:

It was sooo good! I paired it up with a whole wheat tortilla to round it all up.

Ive been super excited for the gym these past weeks because the trip im taking this upcoming weekend requires a two-piece bathing suit ;).

Have a GREAT week everyone.:D

Question: If you could choose any island in the caribbean for a vacation, where would you go?

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