Ma Bella Vita: New Orleans (Part #1)

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Orleans (Part #1)

Speaking of the devil, my friend sent me some of the photos from my camera. Keep in mind these are only a limited amount. I have so much more photos to share. But in the you go:

My best friend and I Bourbon street- daytime:

At the French Quarter Festival:

One of my friends may or may have not ridden this bull:

One of my favorite places during the trip:

Chilling by the Mississippi river (the gals and our amazing tour guide Jared):

The hotel where we stayed--Hotel Le Cirque:

Monument in front of the hotel:

Bourbon street- Night time:

Shari and our tour guide:

Crawfish!!! (loved it):

 Girls night out:

Part II coming soon :)

To be continued.....


  1. I loved it to Lori! It is such an amazing city. I'd go back in a hearbeat. I still have dreams about those boignes. :)


Thank you for your comment :)