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Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the couch

Have I ever mentioned how much I love weekends? Specially weekend mornings. Specially saturday mornings. I woke up fairly early and had a very simple yet  satisfying breakfast:

Kashi Almond GoLean w/ almond milk plus some raisins added. I also had a cup of green tea with lemon right after. (*pardon the magazine being used as a placemat. Couldnt find a real one fast enough).

I was excited to spend saturday shopping with my mom :) I LOVE spending time with her I think more now that I dont do it very often. Or maybe is the fact that I am getting older and I appreciate her that much more.

We drove to a place that just does not compare to anything else: Target. :)
I dont know what it is about that place that most people can just spend hours wondering around. It was also a VERY nice day today in the city. Not even cold, just bright and sunny! Thank you mother nature :)

I didnt buy much aside from food and some travel size items for my trip to New Orleans next weekend. I had my eye out for some organic granola for my weekday breakfast and found this:
I must have spent about 15 minutes reading the labels for all the brands at Target and this one seemed to be the heathiest in terms of less ingredients and less sugar per serving. This shall have to do until I learn how to make my own granola :). Oh---and couldnt forget to buy bananas of course!

We also went to a Marshalls next door to Target. My mom went a little wild buying stuff for herself but I went straight to the back and found this:
Im obsessed with tea and Im always down to try new varieties. This Earl Grey was on sale and had like a million "benefits" listed on the back.

Im feeling a little sluggish after all that shopping and although I had plans for the gym I cant see myself getting up from the couch. Lessons learned: Gym should be done first thing in the morning if at all possible! (I have a feeling I've learned this lesson more than once in my life).

How are ya'll spending you weekend?
Do you like my new blog design? :)
...and, can anyone tell me why I've been craving a burger for the past week?

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