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Friday, April 1, 2011

Starting off with the right foot!

I have to admit, April 1st has gone well and I am weirdly excited about life in general. I say weirdly because Im not quite sure where all this positivism is coming from but I am not complaining :D. Thank you Universe!

After work I drove myself to the Gym. Not sure why but I was looking forward to working out today. Here is what I completed:
  • 60 minutes on the treadmill and did a combination of incline walking  (6.5-9.0 incline) and fast pace walking at the 3.5-5.0 incline. I also ran for about 10 minutes but I haven't been running lately so, had to take it slow. I spent 60 minutes on the treadmill mainly because I was reading a magazine from beginning to end. I am obsessed with magazines and sometimes I feel I can work out for HOURS if I have good reading material.
  • 15 minutes at the elliptical with a resistance of about 10-12, depending on the rhythm of the music on my ipod (unfortunately is too uncomfortable to read magazines on the elliptical but Im taking suggestions from anyone who's found a way to do it comfortably)
One of the magazines had an article about 5 of the top health foods that make you look young or younger. Im still in my 20s but it's never to early to start a youth maintenance regime, right? So, I took some serious mental notes! Those foods are: Wild salmon, Citrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes. The magazine is Details and I actually found the article on their site.

The article kinda reminded me I had some sweet potatoes that I bought at Target the other day (yeah target sells food now---affordable, healthy foods. Gotta' love it). So guess what I had for dinner:

One large baked sweet potato cut in slices with tuna fish.
It might not look too great but it was delicious--the serving might look small but that wasn't all I ate---the whole potato did not fit in that small plate so trust me, I refilled that little plate until I ate the whole thing. I was stuffed!

Post dinner and despite eating a sweet potato my sweet tooth still kicked in so I had some dark chocolate and then I rushed to take a shower before I craved anything else.

I am so very happy is Friday. Tomorrow I have plans to hang out with my moms. I haven't done that in so long and I miss it! Not quite sure what we're doing. Definitely open to suggestions. Im thinking maybe shopping and food---cant go wrong with that, right? ;) I thought of making reservations somewhere for brunch or dinner (can you tell how much I love brunches?) but Im not quite sure where the week went. The weekend kinda took me by surprise.

Question: What is your opinion on all these "keep young" articles all over health magazines? do you follow the advise?


  1. I think its so great that you can read why on a treadmill. I can never do that!! But my gym has individual TVs set up on every treadmill, elliptical and step machine so it makes it a little easier to just watch a TV show.

    As far as the keep young articles, I don't even read them :-(. I feel that if you are healthy then you will be in great shape for whatever age you are in. :-)

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