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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wait---is April first already?!

Ooook. Is this a joke or something?! Where the heck did March go?! Sometimes it amuses me the way in which time can just pass us by without even realizing it. I think it's time to stop and smell the roses. This is crazy!

This morning Started off my day with a nice little twist on my usual morning breakfast…something I’d like to call Granola-Banana Split ;)

Chobani 0% plain Greek yogurt, 1 medium banana sliced, ½ cup organic granola and raisins.
I also had a small cup of coffee with a little bit of crème at the office. This breakfast was simply delicious, satisfying and a nice change from my usual bagel and cream cheese from Trader Joes.

I just had lunch consisting of Spinach pizza (1slice) and garden salad on the side and a little vinaigrette dressing  (sorry is not pictured--left my camera @ the cubicle).

Anyways---lets see, March was not a very eventful month. The highlights would be (including but not limited to):
1. Tried really, really hard to cut out television out of my life but my efforts didn't go so well (will have to attempt this again in the near future)
2. Tried two new Brunch places: Pastis and Yerba Buena (loved Pastis!)
3. Went to a great off-Broadway show with a great friend to see Love, Lost and what a Wore (great show! def recommend it!)
4. Took my first two midterms of the semester
5. Went to a new Lounge in midtown: Figaro to celebrate a friend's birthday (nice place)
6. Took a day off from work to study and LOVED every minute of it
7. Made a resolution to explore my city and all it has to offer--Chelsea Market anyone? ;)
8. Discovered some cool new blogs to follow
9. Increased my positive outlook on life
10. Signed up for Self Workout in The Park (will be my first time at the event! looking forward to it! I'm a huge fan of Self Magazine)
11. Got invited to travel to a really, really cool place and made an spontaneous decision to go! More on that soon :D
12. Bought my first Groupon (manis and pedis at a fancy spa midtown for me and my momma')
13. Played the Lotto more than I ever have in my life! My office has a pool going and I've joined in the van wagon more times than I'd like to admit...hey! you never know right?! I see wealth in my future!!!
14. Joined the Twitter world

April marks a new beginning and hopefully mother nature will give us a break and will bring out the sun. But ummm yeah, is snowing and raining today. What a way to start April. Nonetheless, great things are coming. I can feel them. I have some very exciting plans for April first up is a trip to New Orleans next weekend!!! First time there. So excited. Will definitely have pictures for you all!

Question: What are your plans for April?


  1. New orleans!! That is my very favorite city! Please eat a lot of beignets while you are there :D

  2. Hi Lori! you just got me even more excited about New Orleans! Ive never even heard of beignets but if you're recommending them Im sure they are delicious!!! Will definitely be eating some of that :D


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