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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss my Blog!!!!

Hey all!!! So I've been buried working on final projects for my classes which I'm finally done with thank goodness! yesterday was the last day of classes for the Spring 2011 semester (feels like yesterday) and today is the beginning of preparing for finals, at least for me. Next week is finals week and I have 2 finals back to back so, the nerd in me will most likely be incommunicado until this is all over. It is crunch time!
I considered taking summer classes but they are all full/closed and so are the courses for fall 2011 so I'm very terrified at this point. Need to go have a little chat with the office of graduate services so they can squeeze me in somewhere.

....anyways, I'll try to sneak in to the blog from time to time for updates here and there but I probably wont be able to post as often as I wish until I'm officially done with the semester.

I just briefly want to say that at the beginning of the semester I almost dropped one of  my classes--- the CIS9000 (computer information systems). For some reason I stayed and it turned out to be one of the best classes I have taken in the MBA program to date (I feel like I mentioned this already, have I?) Well my point is that Ive learned a valuable lesson---is good to gives things a chance once in a while as we might end up being pleasantly surprised. The professor was absolutely awesome and I learned soooo much. I'm even considering CIS as a double major or minor.

Finally I'd like to share that yesterday I had a couple of "different" meals (than what im used to) during breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast I made myself a "Greek yogurt granola parfait" with added strawberries and 1/2 a banana (in the bottom) which I brought from home (in addition to my small coffee w/ skim milk/no sugar and my green tea on the way to work):

Later on that day my work team and I had lunch outside of the office (we won negotiation of the month!). The place of choice by the majority was PF Changs China Bistro. Last time I went there was about 3 years ago and didn't really like it. I am not a big fan of Chinese food (yeah im a little weird) so I was a little scared about what I would find on the menu. To my surprise they actually had some healthy choices (very very minimal but at least I had options).

I started out with egg drop wonton soup which was very, very good but a little salty. I only ended up consuming half the portion:

For the main course I had salmon over brown rice. The brown rice was kinda dry... I mixed in a little bit of the fried rice my manager had ordered for the table. It was still a little dry so I added some soy sauce and that certainly made it all better ;)

I then had class that night and had several snacks in between which made me realize that maybe I didnt have a very satisfying lunch (almonds, M&Ms, granola bar, etc, etc) . I ultimately ended up consuming a not-so-healthy dinner which is not pictured here because I got home at 10pm and was way to exhausted to do anything else but eat something, shower and lay down to relax/sleep.

Happy Thursday! I will come in and out of the blog during breaks but I'm sure I'll also be snooping around and reading my favorite blogs because I just cant help it.

Question: Have you been to a PF Changs?, Any advise for finals week?

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