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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi friends! Just wanted to quickly pass by and apologize for my lack of consistent posts. It is now crunch time @ school. I'm in the middle of final projects and finals.... and lets not mention my full time job.

Nonetheless, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. I'm not a mother just yet but someday I'd like to be as great as the woman on the right; whom I love to death:

Mom and me at a my cousin's wedding a few years back.

Is such a beautiful day to celebrate the greatness of all mothers out there as well as fathers and/or single mothers that have played both roles.
I'm taking a little break today to share some QT with moms, my aunts and grandmother. There is a get together at my mom's apartment today. The men of the family got some spanish food catered (god forbid they cook!)
Hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend and thanks for your patience. Much love!

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