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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Monday Routine

This is going to sound REALLY odd but I like Mondays. Not sure since when. But I do.

..okay moving on...This morning I got to work bright and early. Not sure if I've share this but on school days my employer lets me leave work at 4pm (rather than 5) with the only condition that I make it there by 8am. Not too shabby, right? ....On my way to work I had my regular cup of green tea which I drink while I drive. ...And this is what I had for breakfast:

Egg sandwich: 2 boiled eggs w/ yolk & little bit of mozzarella cheese melted on top on whole wheat flat bread. Plus, my usual cup of Joe w/ skim milk, no sugar.

I started getting hungry again in the early afternoon but couldn't leave work just yet for lunch so I had this new stuff I found at the supermarket the other day as a snack:

Greek yogurt! need I say more? Oh yeah, and this is the best part: found it on sale for 99 cents and it gets better: only 100 calories.

Considering the mother's day festivities yesterday I was unable to prepare my lunch for today so had to spend my hard earned cash on lunch:

 I don't know about you but I'm old school and I still prefer Blimpie over Subway anytime! This was a Chicken Caesar whole wheat wrap from their new "line" of wraps. It was VERY GOOD! I paired it up with some chips 'cuz I needed my crunch:
Post lunch I had some peppermint tea, worked diligently until 4pm, and then ran out of the office towards my car. During my drive back from work I had some grapes.

I parked my car around my neighborhood and then rushed to catch the subway towards downtown for my 6 o' clock management class. I have two classes back to back with about a 30 minute break in between. I like having my dinner during that break (which starts at around 7:15pm). Ootherwise, I have to wait until I get home (close to 10pm!) to have dinner and when that happens I'm usually starving and eat everything in sight. I caught this bad habit one day and said no more! There is this very affordable sushi spot around my school, so, guess what I had for dinner:

Salmon, avocado, cream cheese roll. This was my first time having cream cheese on a roll but I decided to try it because of 1. limited selections at the sushi place and 2. the "odd" ingredient sparked my interest. The verdict? it was pretty good.

I had to get some coffee to get me through my 2nd class--this  is not something I usually do but I guess it was one of those days...I also had a Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar on my way back home from class (not pictured) which "rounded up" my dinner/meals for the day.

Okay so, now I'm back home. Need to shower and maybe read a little before bed. In a nutshell this is my routine on Mondays and Wednesdays (school days) with the only difference that I do pack ALL my meals and snacks about 99% of the time. Why? 1. I'm frugal and 2. Bringing my meals from home is usually healthier although I do make a pretty fair effort to eat healthy even if I cant pack the stuff myself. What do you all think? ;)

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Question: Blimpie or Subway? ;)


  1. I love those cottage cheese things!
    I am definitely a subway girl:)

  2. I have missed you!! I haven't blogged on Skinny Me for a few weeks....but I have been doing something very good and plan on sharing it today!!:)

    Loved your meals...I think you did very are always so mindful of what you eat. I am working on it.:)

    I have only eaten a few times at Blimpies but I am not a Subway girl...don't really care for their sandwhiches. I love Panera Bread!!

  3. Subway, definitely. Although, I haven't had Blimpie in a while. The first time I had it I hated it, but I was young so I should try it again!

    I love getting sushi as a last-minute quick meal. What a brilliant idea to sell sushi just about's so easy!


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