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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday...and a lil' bit of friday...

Hello my friends! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

My Saturday has been quite nice, relaxed, somewhat eventful. This morning I woke up kinda late considering my [usually] stressful workweek. I wanted something quick and easy for breakfast and ended up with the pictured meal + coffee w/ skim milk:

After breakfast I dropped my mom off at a nearby shopping plaza where she wanted to hit up TJMaxx and the supermarket. After I dropped her off I went to return some Wayyyyyy OVERDUE books at the Library. And this is the conversation that went on between me and the librarian checking in my books:
Librarian: Mabelle?
Me: Yeah is me
Librarian: We have a problem...
Me: ummmm yeah the books are wayy overdue. Right? How much is the minimum I can pay to be able to take out books again?
Librarian: Well, you have to get it under $15. And by the way, one book is still missing.
Me: I'll be back....

grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so yeah I went home and couldn't find the missing book and now I owe the library more than if I would have just bought the books I borrowed...:( This is what happens when you have a busy life. blah!

Anyways, I had to hop in the car again to go meet up my mom at the Plaza (3 hours later she was still browsing around). I had this as a quick snack:

After dragging my mom out of TJMaxx we went to eat at the ONLY food place in the plaza (aside from an IHOP): Subway! I got what I ALWAYS get: Turkey & provolone cheese on whole wheat w/ lettuce, tomatoes and olives:

I got a foot long which my mom and I shared. She thought it was very weird I put olives in my sandwich. What can I say?! I'm special!

Post subway we entered the supermarket where my mom bought her usual weekly groceries and I got some of my staples:

After the supermarket, my best friend Christina called me to go see a movie. I haven't been to the movies in several months and my jaw almost dropped when I saw the price is now $11 a ticket. Wowwwwwwwwwwww. I think Netflix is about to gain a new customer pretty soon. But anyways, we ended up seeing this hilarious film:

Great movie! Two thumbs up! :D

...And now I'm relaxing.

...with a nice post-dinner snack:

Okay so here goes the "little bit of Friday" part: My co-workers and I went to lunch together yesterday and ended up at the new spot in town:

So, although I grew up seeing the commercials I had NEVER been to a Red Robin in my entire life. As per my co-worker (whom I've never seen so excited) this is actually the first and only one in the Northeast. I don't know why in my mind red robin was similar to McDonald's. Oh boy! was I wrong! Its actually pretty good and they have great variety on the menu. Despite the "get a burger" temptation and peer pressure. I ended up with this:

...and didn't regret one bite! (delicious!!!)---chicken Cesar wrap, chicken tortilla soup, melon slices.

My co-workers were very focused on the ordering:

And apparently excited about the pepper on the table:

Happy weekend!!
Question: Have you been to Red Robin? Do you like it?


  1. We love Red Robin and their fry salt stuff is AH-mazing, you can actually buy it and you better believe we have several at home!

    Where our current home is there are at least 3 Red Robins within a 5 mile radius!!!

  2. WOW! Thats crazy how we only have 1 for like every 200 miles lol!! :)


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