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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joined the IPhone World

Hey all!

I’ll let you guys in to a little secret---besides being overly lazy another reason why I’ve been slacking on my posts is that my camera has been out of service for several weeks now. I got a camera from Kodak at the beginning of the year which recently broke. I’ve been meaning to write a letter to corporate Kodak letting them know the extremely bad quality of this camera:


The error message I’ve been getting on this is “lens obstructed”. I googled the problem and apparently I am not the only one with the issue. The reason why I got a Kodak is because my very first digital camera was of that same brand and has lasted me over 5 years. I still have it but looking for a more “up to date” camera I ended up with the cr@p above.

Anyways…as of yesterday I joined the IPhone craze (in white!). I absolutely love the phone. At first I really didn’t want to fall In to the trap as Apple has a serious monopoly going with technology and pretty much everything on this earth. But hey! Who can blame them? Its an extremely successful company and no one can knock them for that can they?! :)

So…in the meantime I am using my IPhone for the blog photos. And here is the update on today so far:

I usually have breakfast at work but for some reason on my way to work this morning I was starving!! Thankfully I had a granola bar I was saving for after lunch but I could not wait:

Once I got to work I had my usual almond butter & jelly sandwich on flat bread + coffee with organic skim milk:

I then joined a meeting for about 3 hours and on my lunch break had this (w/ some baked chips):

…and then went for a nice 2 mile walk around the loop of my office building;

And now I’m back on my desk counting down the minutes until I can finally go home.

Question: What are your thoughts on the IPhone?

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