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Monday, June 27, 2011

New “Avocado” sandwich from subway

So I had no time to go grocery shopping this weekend which meant I would have to purchase lunch today. I got in to my car at lunch time undecided of where or what I wanted to eat when I suddenly remember subways new turkey-bacon-Avocado sandwich (with the emphasis on avocado, which I absolutely love). I drove myself to the nearest subway (which is inside a local Wal-Mart, by the way) and ordered my avocado sandwich on 6’’ whole wheat when all of a sudden I noticed the lady preparing me a run-of-the mill turkey/bacon sandwich which she proceeded to place in the toaster.

I’m standing there wondering when the ‘avocado’ would make its appearance in this whole preparation when the lady all of sudden whips out a small scooper and scoops out some pre-made avocado paste from one of those little containers (similar to guacamole) and proceeds to placing it on one side of the wheat bread. She then took out a knife and smeared this on to the bread as if it were mayo or butter. I just stood there in awe as this is not what I was expecting.

Nonetheless, I proceeded to go ahead and eat my sandwich which ultimately turned out to be pretty good in regards to the taste and the avocado did give it good flavor overall but I just think is funny how Subway is advertising this new product as an “avocado” sandwich when that is the LEAST they put on the sandwich. Funny/sad but true.

Since subways are franchises, I’m not sure if the style of preparation is only exclusive to my local restaurant but I highly doubt it.

Post lunch I was still kinda hungry so I had a Nuts Over Chocolate Luna bar.

In other news…Im in the market for a one bedroom apartment in the New York City area (and surrounding boroughs). I cannot wait to find it but the apartment search experience can be quite painful. Any tips you can provide on apartment hunting will be greatly appreciated! Thanks and happy Monday!

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