Ma Bella Vita: Some personal thoughts and a "nice" HOT walk

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some personal thoughts and a "nice" HOT walk

Thought that has been running through my head lately: “No one is to blame for personal unhappiness or dissatisfaction. If you don’t like something, do something about it to change it. Otherwise—don’t complain!”.

Aja moment yesterday afternoon: “time must be set aside each day to work towards personal goals and objectives. Even the minimal time spent towards a goal is equal to getting one step closer”.


In other news…

So the office building where I work has a 2 mile track which I usually love to walk during my lunch break as long as its nice out. I walked around once last week and then on Monday when the weather was reasonably nice. However, today’s walk was pure HOTNESS—Literally. It must be over 90 degrees out there today! I almost turned around about 2 minutes into the walk but decided to go through with it.

Despite the hotness I’m very glad I walked. Im feeling good an energized for the 2nd half of the work day! Nonetheless, Im still sweating and need a nice bottle of cold water ASAP!

For breakfast today I had a homemade egg-sandwich made with 100% whole wheat bagel from TJs and one 1 egg sunny side up. I ate it while sipping on some café con leche. I also had some peppermint tea on my way to way to work.

Lunch was my usual turkey and cheese sandwich. My whole wheat bread is about to expire so it must be used in its entirety before expiration date as I hate to waste food! As you can see I packed it with some nice lettuce, ham and part-skim mozzarella. It was pretty good. I also had my usual “crunchy” side consisting of baked doritos (guilty pleasure):

Now I am back at my cube ready to attack the rest of the day and having a lil' snack:

Another side note: Im debating on a possible trip to a resort in the Dominican Republic during July 4th weekend. A lot of my friends are going and im very tempted. I have to set time after work today to search for flights and of course as for the days off at work. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you guys updated! :)

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  1. OHh I LOVE your personal reflections above! Before I Started working at my job we had to read the book "The No Complaining Rule", which pretty much talked about exactly what you said; if you have a problem, do something about it and don't complain!

    Can't wait to read about your trip to the DR, if you end up going. I would seriously love to go there sometime.


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