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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trader Joes + Retail Therapy = Happy ME

So spring semester 2011 finally came to an end as of last Wednesday 05/25!!! Im finally free for at least another month or so until I decide whether or not I will be taking summer classes during the 2nd session beginning July. Still debating on that, we shall see! Im still wondering where the heck May went. Is like I finished finals, closed my eyes, and woke up to June...dear time, PLEASE slow down! :)

So, although I do have to commend myself for being good about the gym until last sunday lets just say my physical activity rutine has been kinda weak since then. I guess I've been so happy about finally being done with the semester that I decided to take some sort of little personal vacation i've been in MAJOR relaxation mode. For some reason slacking at the gym also means slacking with my healthy food intake---guess what this means: Time to re-charge my motivation ASAP! So, here are a couple of things I've done to find my health mojo again (+ one):

#1 Visited Trader Joes!!!
So, on friday I made quick a well-overdue visit to Trader Joe's. My nearest location is about 15 minutes from my job. This might not sound too crazy, however, Im talking about 15 minutes in the oppostive direction *away* from where I live and the highway on the way there is always pretty hectic! I didnt need a lot of stuff but going in to Trader Joes is like therapy that re-inspires a healthy lifestyle, at least for me!. Gotta love it. Here is what I got:

Peppermint tea, super-seeded tortilla chips, whole wheat bagels, whole wheat thin bread:

Found this bag of dark chocolate-almond-nuts clusters and could not resist. I tried it already and it did not let me down. Delicious!

I ran out of Almond butter about 3 months was the first thing I looked for once I got to TJs:

On friday I also went to my friend's PHd graduation celebration at a bar downtown. My friend Christina is the only one out of my group of friends to get her PHd. I've known her since I was 13 years old! Everyone is sooooooooooo proud of her. I took some crazy/cool pics on friday which I will share with all soon--I figure that deserves its own blog post :)

#2 Went Shopping!!!
Four words: Major Sale At Express! They have the cutest summer dresses 30% off PLUS my co-worker gave me a coupon. I was in retail heaven!

Little black dress (has really cute ruffles on top, the picture doesnt do it justice!)
Tube-top little-red dress:

Flowery summer dress:
 ...also with cute ruffles on top:

...And more ruffles! Im starting to see a trend here haha (I originally wanted this shirt in beige but they ran out of my size so had to get the gray instead:

I also got some Beautiful underwear at Victoria Secret. Here is a glimpse:

#3 Get Organized---okay Im still working on this. My apartment is a Major Mess right now. Laundry all over the place, etc. etc. I dont know about you all but when i'm focusing on school work (specially finals) the first thing that goes out the door is my organization. Well, it is now time to! I've decided to make this my sunday project: Meaning for today 06.05.11. Lets get this [cleaning] party started...haha

Question: What are the things that motivate YOU to get back on the healthy train?

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