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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Im in love with TJ's NAAN

Hey all! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer :D I've been working and being a summer bum for the most part (note: summer bum and beach bum are two different things).

Yesterday I somehow got myself to a nearby track and actually ran/walked almost 4 miles (probably more walking than running but is a start). I am training for a 5K!!!! The Damonrunyon at Yankee stadium on August 7th (check out the link). I heard about the event from my of my friends and after some looking-in-to realized is a wonderful organization that supports cancer research. I decided I needed something to look forward to that would also help me get/stay in shape and this seems like a great opportunity (one can only be a summer bum for so long).

....Yes the race is only a few weeks away so is kinda' crunch time for the training. After yesterday's run I woke motivated today to hit the gym. I made myself a nice protein-rich breakfast:

Egg omelet (made w/ 2 eggs, 1egg white, skim mozarella and red peppers) plus 2 mini raisin-cinammon bagels from my recent trip to TJs.

After an hour of food digestion I decided to drive myself to the gym. On my way there I downloaded a recommended app on my phone: The Couch to 5K running program. It's a GREAT app so far but I think is designed to use in the outdoors. I tried using it on the treadmill, however, the running/walking spurts, etc. on the treadmill didnt feel "natural". Cant wait to use it at the track I found on my way home from work :D
(more on that soon). The app is $2.99 but so far I think is a great investment. Ask me again after the 5k...:)

After the gym I came home and made myself Naan Pizza!!!! All I did was put some marinera sauce on the bread, added green and red peppers plus some skim mozarella. Check this out:

I also had it with a banana smoothie made with almond milk:

I've had Naan bread at indian restaurants before and I've read about the TJ's brand in some of the blogs I follow but having my own experience w/ NAAN is beyond words.

I  took a shower and put some treatment on my hair. Need to take myself to the hair salon. Im on a mission to repair some serious hair damage.

Hows your saturday going? Have you had Naan before? Happy weekend!


  1. I love naan bread. I love Indian food, too!

  2. I've never tried naan but it seems to be very popular among bloggers. Maybe if I found an easy recipe somewhere I could give it a try. Our local grocery stores seem very limited...

    What do you put in your banana smoothies? Anything besides banana and almond milk?


Thank you for your comment :)