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Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2011...Goals Lululemon style :)

Good [late] Morning sunshines!!!

So June 2011 started and ended in the blink of an eye....same thing has been happening since January. I tell ya'---this is scary!!!

I decided to imitate some of my favorite bloggers by posting my own goals for July. There are some things that just must get done and I hope to find the motivation in my heart to do them (and try to have fun in the process).

I will try something a little different and present my goals as if they were already accomplished. I learned this from the Lululemonwebsite section about goals (check it out, is pretty inspiring) and here they are:

From July 2nd to 31st, 2011.....

1. I made a conscious effort to respect my body more--ate less junk food throughout the month, ate healthier and in moderation. I also made sure my body remained in motion (exercise) at least 3 times per week.
2. Applied to over 20 jobs by making sure I took time aside each day (at least 30-60 minutes) for job hunting activities.
3. Organized my room!!! got rid of old stuff, welcomed some new stuff and consolidated my belongings only keeping valuables and letting go of stuff I've been saving for years. :) (this project was way overdue!)
4. Packed to move in to my new apartment by early august! (insert: excited!)
5. Remained with a positive attitude no matter the circumstances--keeping a positive mentality made a HUGE difference in my life.
6. Did some soul searching and began to clearly figure out some things in my life and where is going.
7. Read at least one entire book/watched less TV.

In other news...

This is what I had for breakfast this morning:

 Eggs + coffee (why do I keep getting an error message when trying to rotate this pic? soooo irritated!)

Fresh Pineapple:

...I'm off to get started on a home project :)

What are your goals for July?

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