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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Hey all! woke up this morning to the sound of thunderstorms and rain on my window...I cant think of anything better on a sunday morning :)

I REALLY wanted Kashi cereal for bksft this morning but I ran out. Had to settle for some granola with added raisins and skim milk. It hit the spot:
I also had a cup of cofee w/ skim milk right after.

This morning right after breakfast I went out with my mom for some grocery shopping. I had to stock up on some stuff:

I was supposed to be at a friend's BBQ today up in the Long Island area. I was supposed to follow some people that live near me but they left early and I am horrible with directions! (embarrasing side note: last week I tried driving to Brooklyn and ended up in Long Island) I did plea to my cousin to come with me but apparently she had other plans. I feel like such a loser for not going up there. Sorry Katie! :(


As mentioned on my last post yesterday I got started on a MAJOR re-organization/packing proyect in my room. Although I made some progress I still have a long way to go. Im trying to take it one task at the time so that I remain motivated. I found paperwork from the 90s including a letter I wrote to myself back in 1998 which I sealed and made a note outside "not to open prior to 2001". I would share it but is kind of silly. it does remind me of the good old worry free days. I will definitely save that letter forever though. Made me realized I have grown up and come a long way :)

First thing in the organization list was packing up my books  entire bookshelf area. I decided to make an excell spreadsheet to keep record of it and got to book #110 or so. And those were only my leisure books not counting the ones from college (I saved each and everyone of them). Here are some photos:

A wide view of the mess:

Close Up:

And there is more under it! (scary---where do I sign up for that hoarders show?!)

Empty Shelf (Side note: I owned this for over 18 years!!!! Sad to see it go. Im considering selling in craiglist):

Books packed up and ready to be put away until further notice :).
Besides working on the above, I also recycled what felt like THOUSANDS of papers and had to spend serious time dividing them up between the ones with my name on them/personal info (which needed to be shreded) and the ones I could just throw in the garbage without further thought. This is serious hard work!!!

Question: How do you keep yourself organized? What is the BEST organization tip you can provide?

Happy 4th of July weekend and be safe :D


  1. I have to say, the best way for me to stay organized is to never let it get out of control in the first place. I am so Type A, I throw things away constantly because I really can't stand clutter. I am the opposite of a horder! I also love Excel as a way to keep all of my "to-dos" and "to-buys" in order. I use a new Excel spreadsheet for just about everything!

    HAppy Fourth of July to you!!

  2. My mother says I am a hoarder. But really, how can you get rid of something you might need?? As long as there is no dirt/dust, what are a few extra (or in my case a LOT of extra) boxes anyway?? :-)

    I am struggling with throwing out and organizing but my best advice that works for me is to pick a small area at a time. If you try and tackle too much, you get frustrated and often make more of a mess before it gets straightened up.

    Get some clear storage bins of varying sizes. 3x5 cards taped to the inside work well and can be removed.

    If you haven't used it in over a year, consider removing it. Try craigslist, eBay, or rummage sale for higher priced items and donate whatever doesn't sell.

    Set a goal to remove X number of bags/boxes each week/month.

    Good luck - you're making great progress!


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