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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend Plans- Quality Time with friends :)

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Good morning all! I apologize for not posting more often. I am working on that. Work has been kind of hectic and is taking a big chunk of my time, as usual but can't complain. I am also training for my 5K coming up next month. I'm excited about it but a tad bit scared at the same time. I ran a 5k last year and it was a great experience so I am confident it will be the same this time around. The C25K app I downloaded on my phone is working great so far. 

Not sure if you've all heard but it's been 100+ degrees in NYC this past week. I think is probably similar for the majority of the country. Everytime I get in to my car and am able to turn on my AC I thank God for that! Sometimes you don't realize how valuable certain things are until you REALLY need to use them.

Yesterday I went out to an after-work dinner with a very good friend of mine. I let her choose the place with the only requirements that it be affordable and above 34th street in Manhattan (not to much downtown). Well, we ended up at Dallas BBQ in 42nd street-- I keep forgetting how BUSY 42nd street can get.

While browsing the menu I realized that the "healthy" options were limited but I eventually decided for a shrimp-spinach salad which came with some nice flat bread on the side and some bits of raisins and walnuts. Everything at Dallas BBQ is fried -and- big. Despite the fact the shrimp was fried, I decided to enjoy my meal and had some great quality time with my buddy Jessica. I managed not to eat all the shrimps. Not quite sure how that happened. My friend refused to her her pic taken so here I am with my cheese pose: :)

This morning I slept until around 10am, had a follow up phone conversation with my friend Jess and then made myself some breakfast which I am eating right at this moment. Who has breakfast at 12pm?! me!!!!

Now I have to do some additional organizing at home (the saga continues). Tonight I'm meeting up with a good friend of mine to catch up and tomorrow I have a brunch date in the city with my old college roommate. I'm excited for that :)

Question: Has it been hot in your city? how are you copying with this crazy heat wave?! What do you think of fried shrimp?! :D

Side note: what is up with this new blogger dashboard? what do you guys think of it? Is definitely different and sometimes I miss the old set up but I guess I gotta get used to this.

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