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Monday, October 31, 2011

Bright & Early!

This morning woke up earlier than I had to with the mission of making myself some breakfast and continue studying for my Macro Economics exam coming up this week. The material is not too bad but I almost wished I would have started studying like a month ago considering this little secret about graduate school: You teach yourself about 90% of the time. Bottom line, I sit in class wondering whether my professor is speaking English or a totally different language as I cannot understand much of what he is saying so I come home and teach myself the material. I started studying about a week ago so I pray that will suffice!!

Back to breakfast. I opened the fridge a freaked out as apparently I ran out of eggs without realizing it. So, I ate some fruit to hold me over (pineapple and grape fruit salad, yum! pictured) and then I changed real quick and made a quick trip to the supermarket. Killed two birds w/ one stone as I also had to switch up my car thanks to alternate parking today (Ahh...the perks of living in NYC...).

I found some yogurt and bread on sale. Eggs weren't on sale so I just picked out the carton that seemed to have the best health:price ratio (yes I just made that up).

And here is what I am having now:
Egg sandwich on whole wheat roll w/ one very thin slice of American cheese, cafe con leche, water:
<------Up close version

Random note: I went to get a Swedish massage for my bday this past week (first massage ever!) and the lady mentioned how my body had way too much water and I needed to drink more water each day in order to flush the excess out. At first I was thinking she sounded crazy but then things started to make sense. When I was in my early 20's I used to drink a TON of water each day which had such an amazing impact on my complexion, skin, etc. in addition to helping my in my weigh loss efforts. I don't know when water started to get "boring" so I stopped drinking it. However, the lady's advise was a little bit of a wake up call so I want to start drinking more water each day. I'll start slow at 32oz at least per day and then work myself up (this is not counting the cups of tea I have each day or other comestibles that might include water). I found this cool cup which I got at the Self Magazine work out in the park event earlier this year. I haven't used it yet--shocker! Hopefully this will help me drink water faster and stick to my personal goal:

Last week was my birthday so this weekend was filled with amazing Mexican foods, a little too much red velvet cake among other treats. Not to mention I am now gym-less as I cancelled my membership (too expensive) and I haven't been back there in months! My body is begin for healthy food and exercise. After my Eco exam I need to start looking for a new place to work out. Any ideas? Cheap and or free recommendations will work best. Thank you :D

Happy Lunes!


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