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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Im Back!!!!!!!! :D

Hello blogworld! Oh! How I miss thee! I have like a million posts to catch up on from my favorite blogs and cant wait to get to it!

So, where have I been? My life has gone through some interesting turns and twists during the past few months. I feel as if I have turned the page in to a new chapter in my life and although at first I felt a little worried (for like half a second) now I embrace change and I've realized that THIS. IS. LIFE. And, so, I am living it. I don't want to go in to detail right now because a lot of it is somewhat personal but I will share in due time.

Something I'd like to share right now is that last month I accomplished one of my life goals: PARIS!! And not only Paris, I picked up my bags and left to Europe for about a week and a half with a few of my friends. We went to London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. The trip came at PERFECT time in my life and I could not have felt more blessed and thankful to the one upstairs for making it all work out and allowing me to embark in this amazing trip. Despite the hard moments I had been going through; one day I woke up and realized how truly blessed I am. It was quite a wake up call!!

I will be sharing my Euro trip photos throughout several blog posts because I have tons of photos so I'll have to pick and choose. Cant wait to share with you all!

Here is a sneak peak:
Turning the page, I started another school semester last month and I already have a finance exam next week. Despite my love for finance I am slightly freaking out so I need to get to studying. Specially considering I missed a couple of classes during my trip.

I will be spending a lot of quality time with Mr. Financial Management this weekend:

Stay tunned for my Euro Adventures post coming up.

Thanks for reading! :D

Question: What is the country of your dreams? Have u visited yet or is it still on your bucket list?

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