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Monday, October 31, 2011

Where is the day going?!

So the morning and almost the afternoon have already gone by in a flash! And ummm, was it just me or did I hear something on the radio this morning about having to change my clocks to winter hours this weekend or something? ummmm....

Dear time,
Please slow down a bit... Thank you.


I spent the morning doing a whole lot of this:

And then I got hungry for lunch and ate a yogurt while I decided on what to make myself:

Found on sale during my supermarket visit this morning. Not quite sure what "European Style" means for a yogurt but it was pretty good.

I then found this bag hiding in the back of my freezer:
Bought it at Trader Joes several months ago and never got around to making them. Well, today was their day and I have to say---delicious!

Lunch was served:
(I baked the fries and almost burnt a few of them but they were still yummy!)

And then I went back to Macro as the good studious girl that I am.
....but somehow got distracted on Facebook (because that NEVER happens to me. EVER) and found out via someones post that Kim Kardashian is filling for divorce from Kris Humphreis!

And then I could not believe it and proceeded to spend additional time looking it up on yahoo news where I confirmed it and then proceeded to text my sister in panic! And here I am now, blogging, sharing the news with the world....See how well I spend my time?!

But come on, this is the news of the day!! They were only married for 72 days. Crazy! Certainly this is more important the demand and supply curves and equilibrium.

How is your Monday going?

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